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10 Reasons Manticore 4 Post Rack Is Your Last Power Rack

Manticore 4 Post

In mythology, the Manticore is a terrifying beast known for its strength, power, and ability to bring forth great suffering. The Manticore 4 Post Rack lives up to the name. (I mean, if you aren’t suffering at least a little, are you even working out?) In this article, we’ll discuss the top benefits of the famous Manticore 4 Post Power Rack and explore why this is the last power rack you’ll ever need. Let’s get started.

The Manticore 4 Post has thick, durable 11-gauge steel that rivals lesser racks with thinner 13-gauge steel. Combined with its 3” x 3” tubing, this power rack is practically bomb-proof. The skeleton of the Manticore 4 Post is akin to its sister rack, the Hydra 4 Post. However, the 1” holes compared to the Hydra’s ⅝” holes allow for some seriously heavy-duty hardware and beefier attachments. While both fit the bill as the last power rack you’ll ever need, the Manticore takes the (beef)cake.

While we’d love to see our Home Gym Heroes pledge undying loyalty to the Bells of Steel overlords, there’s something to be said for an open ecosystem. The Manticore 4 Post has TRUE 3" x 3" tubing (not to be confused with brands that often round up) and 1” holes, making it compatible with other leading brands. That means you can mix and match, adding (some) competitors’ attachments to the Manticore 4 Post—just be sure to look for the 76.2mm x 76.2mm specs. Being a minimalist lifter with cramped quarters doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to downsize to a half rack or squat stand. The Manticore 4 Post is available in 24″, 30″ & 43″ depths to suit your space, whether it’s a dedicated corner in your basement or a full garage sans car.

The best part is you can always change the depth later by ordering new crossmembers if things aren’t going according to plan. It’s still the last rack you ever need, even if you swap out a few parts. The same rules apply to your Manticore 4 Post height. Choose from 72″, 84″, 90″ or 108″ to suit your drop-ceiling basement or soaring cathedral ceilings. FYI: 84″ is the most popular height as the standard ceiling height is 96” in modern homes.

Remember to leave plenty of room for pull-ups and muscle-ups if you’re into that sort of thing. One of the benefits of having a Manticore 4 Post is the extra room for attachments. Unlike folding racks, half racks, and squat stands, you don’t have to worry about moving attachments as your collection grows. Do we see the Manticore Batwings in your future? Maybe with a few cable machine attachments? Yes, we do!

The Manticore 4 Post also has 4-way holes for extra placement options. This feature will come in handy once you see the plethora of available attachments. Oh, and did we mention that the attachments are plastic-lined to prevent scuffing up your rack? Not to mention the cross-brand attachments compatible with the Manticore 4 Post for an entirely customized experience. The options are endless.

We talk about the Manticore’s modularity a lot, but what does that actually mean? In this case, we’re talking about the potential to transform your Manticore 4 Post with crossmembers and uprights. You can add on plate storage, extend to a 6 Post Rack, or create your own Frankenrack. You’ll never have to upgrade because you can adjust and grow to suit your needs.

This works the other way too. Downsizing to a smaller space? Our fantastic customer service team can tell you how to transform your Manticore 4 Post into a smaller depth or another style. We’ve already covered the beefy hardware for the 1” holes and 4-way holes for versatile attachment placement.

Now, let’s talk about the keyholes. For those who don’t know, traditional keyholes are larger on the top and smaller on the bottom (it’s a digital era, we assume nothing). The keyholes on the outside of the Manticore 4 Post are 1” at the top and ⅝” at the bottom. This means you can securely place either attachments with 1” hardware or ⅝” hardware on the outside of the uprights. Additionally, if you have any unique attachments that use the keyhole shape with these specs, they’ll fit, too.

We’ll be honest: most of these benefits also apply to other Manticore configurations. However, one thing that sets the Manticore 4 Post apart from the other models is the versatile safety options. If you prefer safety straps or pin pipes over spotter arms, this is the rack for you. If you train alone in your home gym without a spotter, these safeties are an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY. Because if something happens while you’re squatting and no one is around, there’s no one to add more weight to the bar before calling for help, and that’s a tragedy.

When this bad boy is bolted to the floor, it’s unmatched in stability. The durable steel, the thick tubing, the extra security—the Manticore 4 Post is practically indestructible. We highly recommend bolting your 4 Post Rack, but you’ll notice that it feels pretty sturdy before it's bolted. If you want a bolt-free option, we recommend the Manticore Flat Foot. (Spoiler: All the other benefits listed here apply to that beast, too, so pretend we said that’s the last rack you’ll ever need instead.)

The Manticore 4 Post Power Rack has a limited lifetime warranty (you know, in case you're pals with Nicholas Flammel… or you are Nicholas Flammel) on materials and workmanship. Unless you do something silly like sell it or bequeath it to your niece or nephew. Or use it for something other than power rack things. Not convinced? That’s fair. We don’t know your life. Maybe the Manticore 4 Post Power Rack isn’t the last rack you’ll ever need. Maybe you need something more space-efficient, like the Manticore Folding Rack, Manticore Half Rack, Manticore Squat Stand, or Manticore Collegiate. Or maybe you’re ready to get real with a Manticore Six Post.

Maybe floor bolts aren’t an option, so you need a Wall-Mounted Manticore or that super cool Manticore Flat Foot we mentioned earlier. The point is, there’s a Manticore for every space and style. It’s versatile, modular, customizable, and practically indestructible. So take a look and find the immortal rack that works for you.