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Mark Wildman

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One of the best kettlebell teachers in the world, and the best kettlebell manufacturer in the world have partnered together to bring Marks no nonsense next level coaching to the masses. What started with sending Mark some of our kettlebells to try has turned into a full product collab on the Wildman adjustable kettlebells with an entire line up to come. Scroll below to find all the B.o.S. products living on the Art Asylum, or treat yourself to the Mark Wildman adjustable kettlebell.

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  • Mark Wildman Adjustable Kettlebell

    Save money and space with the Wildman Adjustable Kettlebell!

    From $109.99 USD
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  • Gray Mighty Grip Olympic Weight Plates for versatile workouts Male model holding Gray Mighty Grip Olympic Weight Plates
    Up to 50% off

    Gray Mighty Grip Olympic Weight Plates

    The best bang-for-your-buck iron plates. Comfy ergonomic handles.

    From $22.99 USD
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  • set of All-Black Bumper Plates for weightlifting All-Black Bumper Plates - 10 LB (Pair)
    Up to 28% off

    All-Black Bumper Plates

    Economically-priced, ultra-durable & low-smell rubber bumper plates.

    From $69.99 USD
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  • Landmine Rack Attachment

    Unlock hundreds of exercises and reimagine how to use your barbell.

    From $74.99 USD
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  • 3 in 1 Anti-Slip Wood Plyo Boxes

    Each wood plyo box gives you 3 different heights to choose from!

    From $64.99 USD
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  • Fitness Sandbags

    Channel your inner Strongman with simple & effective Fitness Sandbags!

    From $54.99 USD
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  • Open Trap Bar / Hex Bar

    Ultra-versatile open trap bar with built-in jack to save your back.

    $299.99 USD
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  • Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar

    Shoulder-saving bench press bar that doubles as a cable attachment.

    $199.99 USD
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  • 6-In-1 Soft Foam Plyo Box / Squat Box

    Two interlocking foam plyo boxes give you 6 different plyo heights!

    $299.99 USD
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  • Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench

    A 1,000lb capacity adjustable bench with 8 back pad & 3 seat angles.

    From $449.99 USD
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  • Functional Trainer
    New arrival

    Functional Trainer

    Build functional strength with hundreds of cable exercises at home.

    From $999.99 USD
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  • Bumper Plate Weight Tree And Bar Holder

    Store up to 4 barbells and Olympic plates for a tidy gym!

    $299.99 USD
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  • Ergo Rubber Hex Dumbbells

    Economically-priced rubber hex dumbbells with ergonomical handles.

    From $34.99 USD
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Wildman X Bells of Steel Adjustable Kettlebell Collab