Maxime Boudreault and Sam Belliveau - Worlds Strongest Couple

Maxime Boudreault and Sam Belliveau - Worlds Strongest Couple

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The world's strongest couple trains with the world's best home gym equipment. Over the years we've been collaborating Max and Sam have had just about every Bells of Steel piece in their gym, using them to prep for the World's Strongest Man, the Arnolds Strongman and other high level events. Scroll below to shop everything in their gym, and a video tour of their gym highlighting all their favorite B.o.S. pieces.

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  • Competition Kettlebells

    On-spec competition kettlebells, perfect for next-level training.

    From $49.99 USD
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  • Seal Row Pad Rack Attachment

    Rack-mountable pad to blast your lats while supporting your back!

    From $169.99 USD
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  • Gray Mighty Grip Olympic Weight Plates for versatile workouts Male model holding Gray Mighty Grip Olympic Weight Plates
    Up to 50% off

    Gray Mighty Grip Olympic Weight Plates

    The best bang-for-your-buck iron plates. Comfy ergonomic handles.

    From $22.99 USD
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  • Blitz Air Bike
    Up to 8% off

    Blitz Air Bike

    Light-commercial air bike with valuable accessories and a bigger fan.

    $739.99 USD $799.99
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  • Fitness Sandbags

    Channel your inner Strongman with simple & effective Fitness Sandbags!

    From $54.99 USD
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  • Safety Squat Bar - The SS4 Safety Squat Bar - The SS4 with all of its handle variations
    Up to 33% off

    Safety Squat Bar - The SS4

    Overcome plateaus, work around injuries & learn to love Leg Day again.

    From $19.99 USD $29.99
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  • Colored Bumper Plates

    Brightly coloured for instant identifying. Ultra-durable & low-smell.

    From $69.99 USD
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  • Functional Trainer
    New arrival

    Functional Trainer

    Build functional strength with hundreds of cable exercises at home.

    From $999.99 USD
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  • Weightlifting Chains

    Bust through sticky plateaus by adding progressive resistance.

    From $5.49 USD
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  • Deadlift Pads (Pair)

    Silencer Pads minimize noise & vibrations from dropping your weights!

    $179.99 USD
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  • Bumper Plate Weight Tree And Bar Holder

    Store up to 4 barbells and Olympic plates for a tidy gym!

    $299.99 USD
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  • Olympic Weightlifting Barbell

    The ultimate weightlifting barbell for Olympic lifting lovers.

    From $289.99 USD
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  • Flags

    Decorate on a budget while flexin’ your values & reppin’ your roots.

    $29.99 USD
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  • Reverse Hammer 2 In 1 GHD And Reverse Back Extension

    Versatile machine to work your posterior chain, core, and more.

    $1,199.99 USD
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  • Strongman Yoke (2.3" x 2.3", ⅝" HOLES)

    Carry, squat, and press your way to strength with this versatile yoke.

    $499.99 USD
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Max & Sam's Gym tour!