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Calgary Barbell

Calgary Barbell

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With Bells of Steel being headquartered in Calgary, it only made sense to collab with one of the best powerlifters/videographers in the world with the best home gym equipment in the world. It's been an honour to help outfit Bryce's gym and a testament to the Bells of Steel quality being able to stand up to the extreme training of a world class powerlifter. Scroll below to shop the CBB collection and watch the video tour of CBB HQ!

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  • Powerlifting Bar

    Revolutionary powerlifting bar at an (arguably) unbeatable price.

    From $219.99 USD
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  • Safety Squat Bar - The SS4
    Up to 33% off

    Safety Squat Bar - The SS4

    Overcome plateaus, work around injuries & learn to love Leg Day again.

    From $19.99 USD $29.99
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  • Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine

    Perform lat pulldowns, low rows, and more with this 2-in-1 machine!

    From $899.99 USD
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  • Machined Iron Olympic Weight Plates

    Precision machined plates guaranteed to +/- 1-3% accuracy.

    From $27.99 USD
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  • Weightlifting Chains

    Bust through sticky plateaus by adding progressive resistance.

    From $5.49 USD
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  • Bumper Plate Weight Tree And Bar Holder

    Store up to 4 barbells and Olympic plates for a tidy gym!

    $299.99 USD
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  • Belt Squat Machine

    Build lower body strength without loading your torso or spine.

    $999.99 USD
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  • Functional Trainer
    Up to 11% off
    New arrival

    Functional Trainer

    Build functional strength with hundreds of cable exercises at home.

    From $999.99 USD
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Tour Calgary Barbell's Bells of Steel outfitted gym!