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Alex Leonidas

Alex Leonidas

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Bells of Steel is more than a gym equipment company, it is my trusted partner in achieving my ultimate fitness goals.

As a serious lifter, owning reliable equipment that is built to last is important. Bells of Steel not only understands this, but also shares my passion, values, and commitment to the fitness community.

You’ll quickly see why I rely on Bells of Steel for my personal gym and confidently recommend these upgrades to my audience. 

Scroll down to see all B.O.S. products in my home gym, and at the bottom of the page you'll find my complete home gym tour, outfitted with B.o.S. equipment. 

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  • Powerlifting Bar

    Revolutionary powerlifting bar at an (arguably) unbeatable price.

    From $219.99 USD
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  • Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar

    Shoulder-saving bench press bar that doubles as a cable attachment.

    $199.99 USD
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  • Cable Pulley

    A durable, portable, inexpensive solution for cable pulley exercises.

    $54.99 USD
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  • Safety Squat Bar - The SS4
    Up to 33% off

    Safety Squat Bar - The SS4

    Overcome plateaus, work around injuries & learn to love Leg Day again.

    From $19.99 USD $29.99
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  • Belt Squat Machine

    Build lower body strength without loading your torso or spine.

    $999.99 USD
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  • Mighty Wrist Wraps
    New arrival

    Mighty Wrist Wraps

    Get serious wrist support for confident lifting—in style!

    From $24.99 USD
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  • Alex Leonidas Onyx Bar

    The official bar of Alex Leonidas.

    $329.99 USD
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  • Elbow Sleeves

    Lift heavy and with confidence! Keeps your elbows warm & supported.

    $39.99 USD
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Alex Leonidas Complete Home Gym Tour