Garage Gym Reviews

Garage Gym Reviews

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Bells of Steel has been sending Coop equipment to review for so long, he was actually still in his garage. It all started with the barenaked power bar in 2018 and now with over 14 products featured on Coops youtube channel we continue to send GGR as much as they will take, continuously striving to be the best home gym equipment company in the world, that stands up to even the toughest critics.

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  • Belt Squat Machine

    Build lower body strength without loading your torso or spine.

    $999.99 USD
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  • Powerlifting Bar

    Revolutionary powerlifting bar at an (arguably) unbeatable price.

    From $219.99 USD
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  • Reverse Hammer 2 In 1 GHD And Reverse Back Extension

    Versatile machine to work your posterior chain, core, and more.

    $1,199.99 USD
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  • Blitz Air Bike
    Up to 8% off

    Blitz Air Bike

    Light-commercial air bike with valuable accessories and a bigger fan.

    $739.99 USD $799.99
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  • Blitz Air Rower

    Row, row, row your way to a joint-friendly, full-body workout.

    $849.99 USD
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  • 2-in-1 Iso Leg Press & Hack Squat Machine / The Juggernaut
    New arrival

    2-in-1 Iso Leg Press & Hack Squat Machine / The Juggernaut

    Unlock leg presses, hack squats, and isolateral single-leg training.

    $2,999.99 USD
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  • Cable Tower

    Add hundreds of cable exercises with a versatile Cable Tower!

    From $349.99 USD
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  • Cable Tower Squat Stands

    Unlock hundreds of exercises with the 2-in-1 Cable Tower Squat Stands!

    From $739.99 USD
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  • Gray Mighty Grip Olympic Weight Plates for versatile workouts Male model holding Gray Mighty Grip Olympic Weight Plates
    Up to 50% off

    Gray Mighty Grip Olympic Weight Plates

    The best bang-for-your-buck iron plates. Comfy ergonomic handles.

    From $22.99 USD
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  • Machined Iron Olympic Weight Plates

    Precision machined plates guaranteed to +/- 1-3% accuracy.

    From $27.99 USD
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  • set of All-Black Bumper Plates for weightlifting All-Black Bumper Plates - 10 LB (Pair)
    Up to 49% off

    All-Black Bumper Plates

    Economically-priced, ultra-durable & low-smell rubber bumper plates.

    From $55.99 USD $69.99
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  • Dead Bounce Conflict Bumper Plates

    Ultra-durable & low-smell with coloured text for easy identifying.

    From $69.99 USD
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  • Crumb Bumper Plates for weightlifting Female athlete loading Crumb Bumper Plates on the  barbell
    Up to 28% off

    Crumb Bumper Plates

    The best budget-friendly bumpers. Ultra-durable & highly accurate.

    From $69.99 USD
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  • Urethane-Coated Change Plates

    Easy micro-loading for more PRs! 1% accuracy & ultra-durable urethane.

    From $27.99 USD
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