Manticore Power Rack 101: The Beastly Guide

Manticore 4 post with attachments

If you've been around Bells of Steel for a while, you know that the Manticore has achieved a mythic status that rivals its namesake. In other words, man, that took a while! And if you're newly in the market for a power rack, this beast is more than worthy of your consideration. In this article, we'll go over the specs of the Manticore, the benefits of the beast, and the pros and cons to consider before choosing the best power rack for your home gym.

The Manticore Power Rack is a beefy, durable, attachment-rich power rack. It boasts true 3″ x 3″ steel tubing with 1″ holes with 5/8" side keyholes for stability and compatibility with other leading power rack brands.

Customization is the name of the game with the Manticore. Its modular design allows you to choose the width, height, and depth with the option to expand and create your dream home gym setup. Despite being beefy and commanding, we know that size matters A LOT when outfitting your home gym. That's why we've outlined the specs of the ultra-modular Manticore so you can find a solution that fits your space.

The Manticore Power Rack uses TRUE 3" x 3" tubing. This distinction is important because some brands round up to 3" x 3" when sharing specs, but they're actually a bit smaller at 2.95" x 2.95". The Manticore Power Rack has true 76.2mm x 76.2mm tubing. Why does this matter, you ask? Well, even though the difference might seem small, it's a BIG deal when you're looking for attachments that fit perfectly. It can be a real headache since many American-made brands use the genuine 3" x 3" size, and we want everything to work together seamlessly.

The Manticore Power Racks come with 1-inch holes, which makes them work well with 1" compatible accessories from other leading brands. The side keyhole features also include space for 5/8" accessories for unmatched compatibility. Because hey—we work hard to release new products, but sometimes someone else gets there first. *respectfully tips hat* The Manticore boasts 2″ hole spacing throughout.

This legendary creature also has four-way holes (holes on the inside and outside of the uprights) for ultimate control over attachment placement. While the look of a super tall, commanding power rack might be appealing, it isn't always feasible in a garage or basement gym. Plus, you don't want your muscle-ups to become an accidental renovation project and a trip to the hospital. The Manticore power rack has four height options: 72″, 84″, 90″ & 108″. Most home gym heroes opt for an 84" rack, as the standard ceiling height is around 96". Of course, we recommend measuring!

Manticore Power Racks have standard depth options of 17″, 24″, 30″ & 43″. The Manticore 6 Post is the exception to the rule, which you can extend to 84″ so you have plenty of space to do your PR dance. If you're getting crazy with a two-sided rack so you and your swolemate can stare deeply into each other's eyes while squatting, be sure to measure the overall depth and foot length of your custom creation.

Manticore Power Racks are 49” wide. Keep this in mind if you plan on building shoulder boulders so big you have to turn sideways to go through doorways. Manticore Power Racks are built from solid, durable, practically bomb-proof 11-gauge steel. Remember that golf rules apply here; a lower number means stronger steel. 11-gauge steel is around 3mm thick, while 13-gauge steel is 2.28mm.

When properly bolted to the floor or wall, the Manticore has an unbeatable 1,000lb max capacity. So go on and add those attachments and rack up those PRs. Humid basements and garage gyms don't stand a chance against the Manticore's black powder coat finish. Plus, it looks real nice.

The Manticore has nine preset configurations, plus a couple extra in the works, plus more when someone tags us in their cool setup on Instagram, and everyone loves it. Keep in mind you can always grab more uprights and crossmembers to create more space to squat or mount your cable machines with some custom flair. Now that we've covered the specs and features, let's look at why you might want the Manticore for your home gym. Here are some of the most notable benefits of the Manticore Power Rack.

This baby has customization for daaaaays. As you navigate the step-by-step Manticore customization process, you'll be able to choose your J-cups, pull-up bar, safeties, attachments, and more. The four-way holes are what really sets the Manticore apart. Think of it this way: when you started playing video games, you could only move forward and backward. Then BAM, the new millennium hits (RIP Y2K), and now you can move diagonally. Changed everything, right? Rather than worrying about your Seal Row Pad being in the way, you can place it on the outside of your rack and leave it there while you squat, bench, and scroll on TikTok between sets.

So what if you choose a Manticore style for your current space, then move or need to reconfigure your home gym setup? No sweat. Manticore Power Racks are modular with interchangeable crossmembers and uprights. Shrink, expand, and make your own Frankenrack whenever you're ready for a change. A power rack is a HUGE investment. That's why we take the "buy once, cry once" approach. With the customizations, attachments, and durable build, you'll never have to upgrade AGAIN.

Let's address the other mythical creature in the room, shall we? If you have a Hydra Power Rack, a.k.a. the last power rack you'll ever need, do we expect you to upgrade? Absolutely not. Either the Manticore or the Hydra is the last power rack you'll ever need—some home gym owners just prefer one style over the other when looking for their forever rack.

Let's say you do decide to upgrade to a Manticore. The 5/8" side keyhole feature means your existing Hydra attachments will work on the sides your new Manticore rack. Yay! We talked about the true 3″ x 3″ tubing with 1″ and 5/8" keyholes above, but here's a refresher: Many brands with foreign-made racks round their tubing specs up to 3″ x 3″ (76.2mm x 76.2mm) when they're actually 75mm (2.95″ x 2.95″). This small-but-significant difference sucks when using attachments from super patriotic and ridiculously well-known American-made brands. So, true 76.2mm x 76.2mm tubing is the way to go.

And let's touch on the keyhole compatibility situation here for a minute. If you have some favorite fitness brands that exclusively create attachments for 1" holes or 5/8", you get the best of both worlds. There are also a few attachments designed specifically for the keyhole shape, which the Manticore unlocks like... well, a key in a keyhole. Cable towers, lever arms, split squat pads, seal row, and hip thrust pads—you name it, the Manticore probably has it. And if it doesn't, tell our customer service team what you're looking for, and they'll bring it to the product development team.

The attachments also have a plastic lining to protect your power rack, and they’re all beefier than their Hydra counterparts (the hardware for the 1” holes might as well do some work). We stand behind our products. The Manticore Power Rack comes with a limited lifetime warranty (you know, in case you're an immortal vampire) on materials and workmanship. As far as gym equipment goes, the Manticore isn't unreasonable to assemble. In fact, some people find it easier than the Hydra. Yes, it will still suck because that's the nature of the beast. However, we'll walk you through it with an assembly video and a customer support line that's ready and waiting.

The bolts that fit in 1" holes are no joke. This hardware is seriously heavy-duty. Rest assured that when you put this beast together, it's solid. We'd be remiss (and a little sketchy) if we didn't highlight some of the drawbacks of this bad boy. Here are a few aspects of the Manticore you may not love. The Manticore Power Rack is MORE than our original line of power racks—more beefy, more versatile, more durable, and yes, more expensive. You're paying for better steel and a weight capacity that outpaces budget racks by upward of 400lbs. However, you're getting cross-brand compatibility and won't have to upgrade again in a few years (buy once, cry once, remember?)

As far as assembly goes, the Manticore isn’t too cumbersome to build. We have great videos and a stellar customer support team to walk you through it. BUT we just want to reiterate how much assembling gym equipment sucks, especially heavy, tall hunks of steel. You definitely need friends to help. Trick them into helping with pizza. 🍕

Working through the customization price can trigger some sticker shock, as attachments are sold separately. So if you get click happy, you may discover that you've blown your budget. No worries, though—you can always get the basics now and come back for attachments later. That means you get to see us again. Maybe we should move this to the pros section. Unless you do (hey neighbor!)... so don't forget to factor shipping costs into your home gym budget. Generally speaking, the bigger and heavier the order, the more it will cost. So the Manticore can add up. However, you can look at the shipping cost before you check out to see if you're eligible for any shipping deals and to make an informed decision.

The Manticore Power Rack is the (other) last power rack you'll ever need. With unmatched customization, modularity, and cross-brand compatibility, this mythical power rack will help you achieve legendary home gym hero status.