How To Use A Functional Trainer Machine?

How To Use A Functional Trainer Machine

If you're tired of the same old weightlifting routines and want to spice things up, a functional trainer machine might just be your ticket to fitness excitement.

This versatile piece of strength equipment allows you to target specific muscle groups with a wide range of exercises.

But with all the cables, pulleys and weights, it’s common to wonder “How in the heck do I use this thing?!”

In this article, we'll dive into the nitty-gritty of using a functional trainer machine like a pro.

Here are the step-by-step instructions of how to use a functional trainer. Before you begin adjusting pulleys and weights, it’s important to select an exercise. The type of exercise you choose will determine whether you need to utilize one side or both sides of the machine and the height that the handles need to be at.

Here are a few popular exercises to give you a better idea:

Cable Curls

This exercise only uses one side of the machine.

Laying Chest Flies

This exercise uses both sides of the machine.

Glute Kickbacks

This exercise only uses one side of the machine.Now that you’ve chosen your exercise, it’s essential to bring along any additional equipment you might need to the machine.

Here are some examples using the exercises from the first step:

Cable Curls

This exercise will require a multi-grip curl bar.

Laying Chest Flies

This exercise will require a bench and a pair of single d-handles.

Glute Kickbacks

This exercise will require an adjustable ankle strap.Now that you're equipped with the right exercise and additional gear, it's time to set the handle height on the functional trainer machine.

Follow these steps for a seamless adjustment process:

Hold the carriage

With one hand, grip the carriage firmly to prevent it from sliding during the adjustment.

Pull and hold the pop pin or release lever

Use your other hand to pull and hold the pop pin or release lever, depending on the machine's design. This action disengages the lock mechanism.

Slide the carriage

Move the carriage up or down to the desired height, ensuring that the handles are brought to the height you need for the exercise you’ve chosen.

Release the pop pin or lever

Let go of the pin or lever, allowing it to engage the lock mechanism. You should hear a satisfying click to confirm that the handles are securely positioned.You’re onto the fun part now. It’s time to select your weight by adjusting the weight stack.

Pull out the selector pin

Grab the exposed end of the selector pin and pull it out of the weight stack.

Choose your weight

Based on the exercise you’re doing, choose a weight to lift.

Insert the selector pin

After you’ve chosen the weight increment you want to lift, insert the selector pin into the center hole of the weight stack plate.Now that everything is set up, it's time to unleash the beast within.

Simply grab your exercise’s cable attachment and perform your chosen exercise for your desired number of reps.

Once complete, gently return the cable attachment towards the pulley carriage. Remember, the functional trainer machine is a tool to enhance your fitness journey.

It offers endless possibilities for targeting specific muscle groups and adding variety to your workouts. Embrace the versatility and challenge yourself to explore new exercises regularly!