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June 2023 Home Gym of the Month

June 2023 Home Gym of the Month

The winner for June 2023 is Johnny Hoffman chosen from Instagram.

IG: @bells_bongs_buds

I started my home gym because I wanted to be able to share my love for workouts with my wife and kids and give them a place to workout together.

My current fitness goal is overall health and muscle gain.

I have a personal trainer and she has me on her own lifting plan.

I have the 6-post HYDRA, Barenaked Powerlifting Bar, EZ Curl Bar, 50,100,150 lb sandbags, 71 & 88 lb kettlebells, silencer pads, cable pulley attachment for the HYDRA series, Landmine attachment, bumper plates 25-55, Mighty Grip plates .5-45lbs, Open Trap Bar. Next up on the wishlist is the Industrial Rackable EZ curl bar.

My favorite fitness hack is I post my daily workout to my Instagram page that way not only do my followers get a workout idea but I am then obligated to do it. 🤘🏻

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