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  • Adjustable Competition Kettlebell

    Save money & space with Adjustable Kettlebells! New colors available!

    From $109.99 USD
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  • Cable Tower

    Add hundreds of cable exercises with a versatile Cable Tower!

    From $349.99 USD
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  • Cable Tower Squat Stands

    Unlock hundreds of exercises with the 2-in-1 Cable Tower Squat Stands!

    From $739.99 USD
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  • Blitz Air Bike
    Up to 8% off

    Blitz Air Bike

    Light-commercial air bike with valuable accessories and a bigger fan.

    $739.99 USD $799.99
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  • Magnetic Clamp Collars

    Clamp down on weight plates, then stick 'em to your rack for storage.

    From $34.99 USD
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  • Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar

    Shoulder-saving bench press bar that doubles as a cable attachment.

    $199.99 USD
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  • Dead Bounce Conflict Bumper Plates

    Ultra-durable & low-smell with coloured text for easy identifying.

    From $69.99 USD
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  • Buzz-Saw Heavy-Duty Adjustable Bench

    A 1,000lb capacity adjustable bench with 8 back pad & 3 seat angles.

    From $449.99 USD
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  • Open Trap Bar / Hex Bar

    Ultra-versatile open trap bar with built-in jack to save your back.

    $299.99 USD
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  • Belt Squat Machine

    Build lower body strength without loading your torso or spine.

    $999.99 USD
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  • The Dreadmill
    Sold out
    New arrival

    The Dreadmill

    Train like a Strongman, line-backer, and pro grocery bag carrier!

    $2,199.99 USD
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  • Powerlifting Bar

    Revolutionary powerlifting bar at an (arguably) unbeatable price.

    From $219.99 USD
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  • Reverse Hammer 2 In 1 GHD And Reverse Back Extension

    Versatile machine to work your posterior chain, core, and more.

    $1,199.99 USD
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  • Manticore Flat Foot Power Rack Builder (3" x 3", 1" Holes)
    New arrival

    Manticore Flat Foot Power Rack Builder (3" x 3", 1" Holes)

    A stable, modular & customizable rack with no floor bolting needed.

    Build Yours

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  • All-in-One Trainer

    Cable machine meets squat stand in a space-conscious footprint.

    From $1,099.99 USD
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  • Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine

    Perform lat pulldowns, low rows, and more with this 2-in-1 machine!

    From $899.99 USD
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  • Seal Row Pad Rack Attachment

    Rack-mountable pad to blast your lats while supporting your back!

    From $169.99 USD
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  • Hydra Four Post Power Rack Builder (3" x 3", ⅝" Holes)

    The granddaddy of all racks. Iconic, modular & highly customizable.

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