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  • Powerlifting Bar

    Revolutionary powerlifting bar at an (arguably) unbeatable price.

    From $219.99 USD
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  • Multi-Purpose Olympic Barbell – The Utility Bar

    The perfect multi-use bar for powerlifting & Olympic weightlifting.

    From $199.99 USD
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  • Olympic Weightlifting Barbell

    The ultimate weightlifting barbell for Olympic lifting lovers.

    From $289.99 USD
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  • Aluminum Technique Barbell

    Safely learn proper technique with this lightweight aluminum bar.

    $129.99 USD
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  • Women's Olympic Weightlifting Barbell

    Smaller grip with beautiful spin for peak weightlifting performance.

    $219.99 USD
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  • Hydra Seven Ring Bar

    Become a better coach with markings for quick & easy hand placements!

    $259.99 USD
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  • Short Rackable Barbell male athlete using Black short rackable barbell for Military presses.
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    Short Rackable Barbell

    Compact & rackable barbell for tight spaces. Saves 17 inches of space.

    $179.99 USD
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Perfect your lifts with premium Barbells. Engineered for balance and durability, they're designed to meet the needs of both competitive weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts alike.