What Are Jammer Arms?

What Are Jammer Arms

Are you tired of your regular workouts leaving you feeling like a hamster on a wheel?

Do you long for a new and exciting way to challenge your muscles and break free from the monotony of barbells?

Well, look no further than the amazing and versatile marvels known as Jammer Arms!

And if you’re confused, don’t worry — you're not alone. Many people wonder, "what are jammer arms, anyways?”

In this article, we’ll cover what they are in-depth so you can better decide if they’re right for your home gym or not.

Disclaimer: Jammer arms are also known as “lever arms”. We use them interchangeably in this post, but they mean the same thing. Jammer arms are a wondrous rack attachment that injects a dose of versatility and machine-like exercises into your training regimen.

Picture a short upright, piece of steel tubing, anchored to a certain point of your power rack using a mounting bracket, with a pivot point to connect the tubing to the bracket and a handle attached near the bottom of the arm.

But don't let its unassuming appearance fool you! These arms pack a punch when it comes to elevating your workout experience. Each jammer arm is joined to the upright using a mounting bracket. This bracket typically features a welded pin that slides through a hole on the upright and is locked in place using a locking pin of some sort.

The standard jammer arms provide a classic experience, where you must remove the mounting bracket from your uprights whenever you wish to adjust the height. It's like a game of chess, where every move requires thought for the exercise you’ll be doing.

But for those seeking a touch of convenience, check out the sliding lever arms! This version glides gracefully along your uprights, eliminating the need for removal during height adjustments because the mounting bracket slides on a trolley-like system. Using a bolt, the mounting bracket acts as an anchor point of the lever arm — granting them a unique ability to work on a pivot point like a pendulum.

This means that no matter where they’re mounted on your uprights, they can swing during your exercises. This swing effect offers a smooth range of motion that’s similar to the feeling of a machine.Jammer arms come in a bunch of variations, each designed to cater to different needs and aspirations.

With a treasure trove of handles at your disposal, you can explore a world of gripping possibilities. From wide or narrow to straight to angled, the single handles are your gateway to a variety of different exercises and grips.

But wait, there's more!

Lever arms also possess the magical ability to connect together.

By using a pull-up bar across the arms, you can link them together and ensure they move in perfect unison. This is what allows you to transition from each jammer arm moving separately to travelling hand-in-hand during your exercise. Jammer arms are the enigmatic companions that infuse your workouts with intrigue, versatility, and a touch of whimsy.

They stand as a testament to the endless possibilities that exist within the realm of fitness equipment. So, embrace the unknown, shatter the boundaries of routine, and unlock a world of endless training potential with the mystical and captivating jammer arms.