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Secure Your Gainz with the Bells of Steel Barbell Collars

3D Printed Barbell Collars

If you own a barbell and weight plates, barbell collars are a must-have.

Although they are frequently ignored in the gym, barbell collars are just as beneficial as most gym equipment.

They are an extremely important tool in any home gym because they keep weight plates securely situated on a barbell.

It's never a good idea to lift without one.

Whether you're squatting, benching, pressing, pulling, or doing any other movement with a barbell, you should use barbell collars.

Since we're on the subject of barbell collars, let's take a closer look at the importance of using barbell collars and a quick rundown of Bells of Steel’s zip clips.

Barbell collars are small gym tools used to keep the weight plates on a barbell from moving during a workout. Here are some benefits of using barbell collars: Barbell collars serve the primary purpose of preventing weight plates from slipping off the barbell sleeve, making them an important safety feature when training. This reduces the possibility of the weights sliding off the bar and causing injury or damage to your home gym.

Barbell collars can also help you perform better during a workout by ensuring that the weight is evenly distributed on both sides of the bar. If one side slides out further than the other, you now have an uneven load. Even though the weight is the same on both sides, it no longer feels that way. Barbell collars are simple to use and can be attached and removed from the bar in a matter of seconds. This allows you to easily switch out different weights during a workout without having to re-adjust the plates each time.

As mentioned above, without collars, weight plates are free to slide outward on your barbell sleeve. It keeps the weights snug against the barbell shoulders and keeps them pressed close together. This prevents rattling and shaking, which can also be a cause of distraction during your lifts.

Quality barbell collars are built to last and can withstand a great deal of use. They are made of tough materials like steel, plastic, or aluminum and can withstand general wear and tear depending on the type of workout they will be used for.

Barbell collars are a popular choice for general weightlifting workouts because of their low cost, ease of use, and ability to keep weight plates from moving during lifts. It can be used for a variety of exercises, including bench presses, deadlifts, and squats. The Bells of Steel Barbell Zip Clips are a unique style of barbell collar designed to function similarly to a spring collar. It's available in black and white at the moment, but cooler colors are planned to be added soon.

So, stay tuned for that! 😁

Each zip clip is made of ABS or PLA plastic, contributing to its lightweight design. It weighs only 90g/0.2 lbs for each clip, making it lighter than our Bells of Steel Spring Collars.

It works by squeezing the handle to expand the diameter of the collar while placing it on the barbell sleeves, which tighten down to keep the weight plates secure.

Just a side note: since they are made of plastic, this can more easily break, but it still really depends on how well the zip clips are handled in the first place.

The inner diameter of the Barbell Zip clips is 50.8 mm (2") wide, which fits Olympic bars only. It has ridges inside that complement the ridges of a barbell sleeve, which does a very good job of holding weight plates during your workout. The Axle Collar Zip Clips have an extremely lightweight design and weigh 90 g/0.2 lbs per clip as they're made from PETG plastic filament.

The body is designed to fit the slightly smaller 1.9" sleeves of specialty barbells, has a length of 3.06", and performs a similar function to a spring collar.

Not to mention how effortlessly it fits on the Arch Nemesis Bar or Lever Arms' steel tubing sleeves.

It comes in the best-looking color orange, which is aesthetically pleasing and makes you look cooler while doing your lifts! πŸ˜‰

The Axle Collar Zip Clips are easy to use and can keep your plates in place during your workout without scuffing up your barbell sleeves. It also has the same ridges as the Barbell Zip clips which complement the ridges of a barbell sleeve. The Bells of Steel Barbell Zip Clips and Axle Collar Zip Clips are locally developed in-house at our Calgary warehouse.

3D printing allows for the easy incorporation of the brand logo and design elements that may not be possible with the traditional manufacturing method.

With a high degree of customization and advancements in 3D printing technology and materials, these zip clips are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, strong, and durable enough to withstand heavy use and high impact.In summary, barbell collars are essential weightlifting accessories that keep your weight plates in place and prevent them from sliding or slipping during your workout.

Investing in one, like the Bells of Steel Barbell Zip Clips and Axle Collar Zip Clips, is a simple and effective way to improve your weightlifting workout's safety, performance, and convenience.