May 2021 Home Gym of the Month

may 2021 bells of steel home gym of the month

Antoine, @barbell.saiyan from Instagram!

Antoine wasn’t about to let shutdowns stop his gainz! Check out his answers to our questionnaire below.

I bought my house in 2019 wanting to build a gym in the garage, but I started woodworking in there instead. The gyms closing gave me the push I needed to find another spot to lift. I had goals that I did not reach in the past, and not training was not going to help reaching them. And having a gym in my home office is the best way to do that.

Getting strong enough to eventually participate in powerlifting competitions, all while getting an athletic looking shape. Also, I want to stay healthy to set a good example for my daughters.

My own custom mix of Upper/Lower and 531, for both powerlifting and hypertrophy (powerbuilding), until I get a good base and start looking for a coach.

I started with the power bar and 500 pounds of plates, eventually adding the Light Commercial Rack and the flat bench, the lever arms for belt squatting and most recently, the FID Bench. And it’s most likely not the end! Given that I find the space, I intend to get a Safety Squat Bar, and probably a Blitz Bike for those cardio gains!

A tennis ball at the end of a barbell makes a good starting landmine for rowing movements, and a barbell with weights, jammed in the rack makes a perfect feet-holder for nordic ham curls.

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