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April 2021 Home Gym of the Month

april 2021 bells of steel gym of the month

@ascended.strength (aka @sherwin_f ) from Instagram!

While rehabbing a back injury, lifting turned into an addiction for Sherwin, and evolved into a passion for bodybuilding and powerlifting… Thus, a hybrid trainer was born!

Check out Sherwin’s answers to our questionnaire below.

I started my own home gym when Covid first hit. I started with a home built wooden rack since everywhere else was sold out, but once I learned about Bells of Steel I bought one immediately when the pre order became available!

My current fitness goals are to get stronger, and leaner. I’m currently cutting but I’m doing my best to preserve/gain strength! I’m following my own custom powerlifting programming I created myself after years of experience!

I own a ton of Bells of Steel Equipment: Light Commercial Rack, Cable Crossover Attachment, Plate Tree, Lat pulldown/ Seated Row Attachment, Belt Squat belt for lever arms, Lever Arms, Fat bench with Extra Fat pad, FID Bench, Y Dip Bar, Landmine Attachment, Arm Blaster, Multipurpose Cerakote Bar, Roller J cups and Plate pegs.

Next on my wish list is a Safety Squat Bar SS3 from Bells of Steel!

My favorite fitness hack is buying all the Bells of steel rack attachments and using them interchangeably one of my favorite is using the lat pulldown crossover on the lever arms to create a quad extension!

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