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Maximize Your Home Gym with the Manticore Squat Stand

Manticore squat stand

Who said a squat stand has to be rickety and lightweight? The Manticore squat stand is beefy, burly, and beastly—perfect for home gym heroes who want the benefits of a squat stand without sacrificing the functionality of a power rack. The Manticore isn't your grandma's squat stand (unless she has an in with the B.o.S. crew). In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of a Manticore squat stand in your home gym and answer that age-old question: Can a squat stand replace a power rack? Let's get into it!

The Manticore Squat Stand offers the same benefits as any squat stand, plus a few notable bonuses. Think of this bad boy as the home gym equivalent of finding a bunch of extra fries at the bottom of your takeout bag after you thought the food was gone. 🍟 In the words of Michael Scott, leave your preconceived notions about casino nights squat stands at the door! 🎩

When bolted to the floor, the Manticore Squat Stand has an incredible 1,000lb max capacity. It’s built to withstand some aggressive re-racking. If bolting isn’t an option for your space, fear not: weighing in at 110lbs and with a bottom crossmember, this isn’t like those rickety squat stands from your high school gym class, or the super cheap Amazon special. While we recommend bolts and careful attachment placement, you can throw some serious weight around on these bad boys without too much worry.

Squat stands tend to be more affordable than full power racks. It's the basic economics of more metal + more problems money. However, the Manticore Squat Stand will last a loooooong time, giving you that perfect balance between budget and value over other brands. Also, it has a pull-up bar to shake things up. Exciting! We can't help but wax poetic about the Manticore's brand compatibility. The Manticore Squat Stand has true 3″ x 3″ steel tubing with 1″ holes with 5/8" side keyholes, making it compatible with other leading brands with these specs.

Squat Stands are unrivaled when it comes to convenience and portability in multi-purpose home gyms. In other words, if you share your space with a laundry machine or car, it's nice to have the option to push your squat stand out of the way or work around it. It won’t be easy—this thing is a beefcake—but it will be easier than moving or scooching past a full power rack.

So why not get a foldable power rack? You could, but drilling holes into your walls may be frowned upon if you're in a rental. RIP security deposit. 🪦 Got commitment issues? 🥛 The Manticore series is super modular. The Squat Stand easily transforms into a half rack and can become a custom Frankenrack with some well-placed uprights and crossmembers. You can build it out, add cable machine attachments, and make it your own over time.

Let’s get into the question of the hour: Can a squat stand replace a power rack? The Manticore Squat Stand is a strong competitor for a power rack. There are many squat stand benefits that make this option a perfect fit for home gym owners. Yet, the answer ultimately depends on your unique needs and training goals. Here are a few key considerations to reflect upon before choosing.

  • Renters - If you aren’t in your “forever home,” you may want to consider a squat stand to make your life a bit easier. If bolting to the floor isn’t an option, and you really want to hit the big weights, consider a Manticore Flat Foot Power Rack instead.
  • Weightlifters - A squat stand is usually sufficient if you heart Oly lifts and just need something to work on your front squats and jerks.
  • Space-Constricted Lifters - If your home gym doubles as a laundry room, garage, or place for your in-laws to crash, a space-efficient squat stand may be your best bet. Of course, if you opt for a full Manticore Power Rack, maybe your in-laws will get a hotel. Just sayin’.
  • Budget Lifters - If you’re a budget-savvy lifter, getting a Manticore Squat Stand is a great way to save without sacrificing your goals.
  • Attachment Ambassadors - Sure, the Manticore Squat Stand offers the same attachments as Manticore Power Racks, but the two uprights mean fewer places to stick ‘em. If you want to add a bunch of cable machines and leave your attachments where they are most of the time, a power rack may be better.
  • Permanence Preferers - Are you looking for something you won’t outgrow or have no intention of moving? A power rack could be right for you!
  • Swolemates - Sharing your gym space with lifting buddies or your spouse? Having the extra space for attachments and J-cups is a big benefit of a power rack.
  • Nuanced Lifters - Sure, you can get by with the Big Three lifts on a squat stand, but if you want to throw in some rack pulls and other nuanced lifts, you may need a power rack. This is also nice if you prefer to use safety straps to spotter arms when shooting for a PR.
The Manticore Squat Stand is space-efficient, durable, and a budget-conscious alternative to a Manticore Power Rack. You get the benefits of brand compatibility, convenience, and modularity without sacrificing stability and durability. If your needs evolve, you can transform your Manticore Squat Stand into a Manticore Half Rack or your own customized Frankenrack.