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Kettlebell Wrist Guards: Why You Need Them

why you need bell guards

Kettlebell training is without a doubt an excellent workout that practically everyone can enjoy. It has grown in popularity as a form of resistance training for muscle gain, strength, and agility but it's a skill that takes practice.

Even with proper form, kettlebell skills take time to acquire and even more time to perfect. It has a higher learning curve than most other training programs. Learning and utilizing a kettlebell may be tricky and hazardous.

Like with any other training or fitness program, kettlebell exercises can cause scrapes, bruises, and in some cases, minor fractures, especially in high-volume sets.

While kettlebell wrist guards are not required, it's often smart to use them when working out. They can make you feel more comfortable and provide additional wrist and hand protection.

In this blog post, we'll share with you some benefits of using a kettlebell wrist guard and why it's an essential tool for your kettlebell training. Having good form when performing kettlebell exercises will prevent a lot of the bruises and bumps that may occur. However, even the most experienced kettlebell users will bang their wrists during cleans and snatches.

Here's some reason you should consider wearing a kettlebell wrist guard (proudly!). Keeping the kettlebell as close to your wrists as possible during cleans and snatches may result in blisters and rashes. Wearing a kettlebell wrist guard minimizes skin pinching, allowing you to get your wrist as near to the kettlebell as possible.

It's a good idea to use a kettlebell wrist guard before you realize you need one! Otherwise, you'll most likely wind up with a large bruise on your forearm that will keep you from training for a week. Sweat trickling down your arm onto the kettlebell might compromise your grasp and cause injury. This may be avoided by using a sweatband - kettlebell wrist guards does the trick!

Kettlebell wrist guards don't significantly prevent wrist strain, but they do prevent painful banging. When a kettlebell hits your forearm, your wrist will bend slightly backward. This causes your wrist to flop and strain. There's no need to waste time wrapping your wrists on endless rolls.

You can slide them on and off easily. It might look like a simple sweatband to the untrained eye, but it is actually a protective wrist device that you can use when you're using kettlebells.

The BellGuard has two curved plastic inserts to protect your wrists from kettlebell impact and pounding. It's thick enough to protect the wrist/forearm from the kettlebell but not so thick that it feels restrictive. These flexible plastic inserts fit nicely over your wrists and provide comfort by not interfering with proper motion during kettlebell workouts.

The BellGuards are one-size-fits-all and are intended for both training and competition kettlebell lifters. The outer material is made of polyester which is great if you need a wrist guard to absorb sweat. It’s breathable and machine-washable too! Kettlebell wrist guards are simple to use, yet they can lead to significant gainz for you in the future. It can give additional support during kettlebell routines.

It's never a bad idea to try a kettlebell wrist guard, especially if you're experiencing pain when working with kettlebells.

Consider the Bells of Steel BellGuard while you search for your next kettlebell wrist guards. They are guaranteed to be durable, provide wrist protection, and will not interfere with your movements.