January 2021 Home Gym of the Month


@wick3dw00dy from Instagram!

Clifford isn’t one to wait among the masses for equipement every time he visits a box gym, and he’s definitely not alone. What better reason to set up your own gym?? Check out Clifford’s answers to our questionnaire and feel free to get super inspired.

I started my own garage gym because I was tired of waiting on machines at the fitness centers. And COVID helped push me as well when my gym shut down.
My current fitness goals are to be “harder to kill” so to speak.
I’m working on my conditioning as well as incorporating more Olympic lifting. That will carry over well to Strongman.
I am currently following Wendler 5/3/1 for power and Fitbod for Olympic lifting.

I am programming my own MetCons. Next on my wish list would be another barbell and some heavy sandbags. As far as fitness hacks, I like to incorporate more body weight exercises. You’d be amazed at how effective your own body can be. Oh…and music!! Gotta have my jams!!

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