November 2020 Home Gym of the Month

november 2020 home gym of the month

@th3_pr0duct_lifts from Instagram!

Robb is a powerlifting man, ready to get back to the competition platform! Take a gander at his home gym setup, and his answers to our questionnaire!

Started my home gym originally to supplement training at the commercial gym. Pulled the trigger in December 2019, didn’t realize then how amazing the timing actually was!
Currently training on a power building cycle while I cut back down to competition weight.

Looking to get back into competing for powerlifting in spring 2021.

What don’t I own?

Next I’d like to get my hands on the SS3 Safety Squat Bar.
I need a decent SSB for use in the off season and it looks to fit the bill nicely.
Right now I’d say a tie between using the lever arms with the lat pulldown knee bar to make a leg extension movement or using the dip attachment on a lever arm to load more weight for use with the belt squat.

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