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Hydra Power Rack 101: Everything You Need To Know

Hydra Power Rack 101 - Hydra 6 post with person setting up bench press

The Hydra Power Rack is a solid choice for anyone planning their first home gym or those looking to upgrade from that "too good to be true" cheap rack that ended up less than great. This article will explore the specs and features of the Hydra series, along with the pros and cons of this home gym solution, so you can make the right choice for your training style and needs.

The Hydra Power Rack is a robust, reliable power rack with over 15 attachments (and more on the way). It boasts true 3" x 3" steel tubing with 5/8" holes for stability and compatibility with other leading brands. This modular system comes in various sizes and styles for peak customization. You can choose the height, depth, storage options, and style to suit your training goals and space. Shopping around and comparing the options is an important part of the home gym planning process.

We've outlined the Hydra Power Rack specs below to make it easier for you. Better yet, we explain why these features matter and why you should care. New to the home gym game? We've got you covered! The Hydra Power Rack has true 3" x 3" tubing. This is an important distinction, as many brands list 3" x 3" tubing to round up from 75mm x 75mm, which is actually 2.95" x 2.95".

The Hydra Power Racks have tubing measuring 76.2mm x 76.2mm. Why does this matter? The difference may seem teensy tiny, but it makes a HUGE difference when trying to find compatible attachments. It makes finding compatible attachments a nightmare, as many American-made brands us true 3" x 3" tubing — and we're all about compatibility.

The Hydra Power Racks have 5/8″ holes, contributing to their compatibility with American-made brands. This size is sufficient for most home gym environments. It's important to know this number when looking at attachments or hardware to keep your rack secure. The Hydra series has 2" hole spacing with 1" hole spacing in the bench and pull zone and laser cut numbers throughout.

The benefit of having a power rack in your home gym is the versatility to do endless movements. While the 2" spacing is great for squatting, benching requires more precision. 1" hole spacing in the bench zone allows you to unrack the bar safely without expending extra energy — a must when pushing those PRs.

Totally unrelated, but we also have face savers spotter arms for solo training. Like many of our fellow home gym enthusiasts, you're likely setting up your gym in a basement or a garage. The challenge with a basement gym is the low ceiling. Hydra Power Racks come in four height options: 72″, 84″, 90″ and 108". The average basement ceiling height is around 96".

Be sure to measure before committing to a height, and consider movements like pull ups (especially if you kip). The standard depth options on the Hydra Power Racks are 17″, 24″, 30″ & 43", with the Folding Half Rack being the most compact option. The exception to the rule is the beefy Hydra Six Post, which can be extended up to 84" so you have plenty of space to unnecessarily walk out your squats.

All the Hydra Power Racks are 47" or 49" wide (depending on which pull up bar you choose) to give you room for your PR dance — and, you know, to properly rack a barbell. Keep this measurement in mind when looking at attachments and figuring out how everything will fit in your space.

Hydra Power Racks are built from sturdy, reliable, practically indestructible 11-gauge steel. "But lovely Bells of Steel person," you say, "isn't 12 or 13-gauge steel better?" It sure isn't, pal. The smaller the number, the better — like in golf. 11-gauge steel is around 3mm thick, while 13-gauge steel is 2.28mm. There's a reason we call the Hydra bomb-proof.

Assuming it’s securely bolted to your floor, wall, or platform, all of the Hydra Power Racks have a capacity of 1,000 lbs. Essentially, it's designed to outlast your gains, so you never have to worry about upgrading. And, if you get to the point where 1,000lbs is no longer enough… *applause*

All Hydra Series Power Racks have an aesthetically pleasing black powder coat. If aesthetics don't matter to you, the coating is also functional. As garages and basements tend to be humid, the powder coat plays an important role in preventing rust. With nine available rack configurations, we're confident you'll find something to suit your needs. These preset designs are convenient, making it easy to plan and assemble your home gym.

If you're not satisfied with the nine available rack configurations, you can also purchase separate uprights and crossmembers to build your own Frankenrack. These also work when adding on to an existing rack with true 3" x 3" steel tubing with 5/8" holes. Understanding the measurements and features is one thing; understanding how the Hydra Power Rack will level up your gym game is quite another. Here are some overarching benefits of the Hydra Power Rack series and why it's worth the investment.

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all home gym solution. That's why putting together your Hydra Power Rack is an interactive, step-by-step process that lets you choose the height, depth, crossmembers, pull-up bars, storage, safeties, J-cups, and *inhale* attachments.

In addition to customizing the set-up for your space, you can also cater it to your training style. You can add Lever Arms or a Lat Pulldown attachment if you crave the sweet, sweet touch of gym machines. Add a Y Dip attachment and Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar if you're big into callisthenics and functional fitness. It's all you. "What happens if I choose the wrong rack?" We've got you.

The Hydra Power Racks are modular with interchangeable parts. If you need to scale down for more space, it's no problem. If you want to expand and add custom elements, you can. If you're super impulsive and just don't like what you've chosen, there are options. No sweat. We want this to be a one-and-done purchase for you.

Of course, we want you to add more attachments (we've got some cool stuff on the way), but the goal is to create a once-in-a-lifetime swolemate of a power rack. The Hydra is a bit pricier than our baseline power racks, but it will save you money in the long run. The durability and hefty 1000lb capacity means you won't have to upgrade (again) in a few years. We talked about the true 3" x 3" tubing with 5/8" holes and what that means above, but in case you skipped that part (rude), we'll give you a refresher.

Most foreign-made racks round their tubing specs up to 3" x 3" when they're actually 75mm (2.95" x 2.95"). This subtle difference causes problems when adding domestic attachments from the super patriotic and ridiculously well-known American-made brands. The Hydra is designed to be compatible with our competitors' attachments. And hey — our attachments are compatible with their racks too.

We want you to have an open ecosystem to customize your home gym without swearing allegiance to one brand (that comes later, once we've got you hooked). The Hydra series currently has over 15 attachments to choose from (the Seal Row Pad is a fan favorite), with more in active production (hello, Smith machine). Even better, our awesome founder Kaevon is always coming up with new innovations. If you don't see an attachment you need, tell us, and we'll add it to the ever-growing list.

The Hydra Power Racks come with a limited lifetime warranty, covering materials and workmanship. Did we mention the whole "we want this to last a lifetime" thing? We meant it. Alright, we all have nightmares about putting together furniture from certain stores with endless labyrinths and delicious meatballs.

If you've ever assembled gym equipment, you know it's not a great experience. We're not going to tell you that putting together a Hydra rack is fun — this beast is no joke! However, it's reasonably ok, and we offer detailed assembly videos to guide the process. No paper inserts with no words and random graphics telling you to bring a friend (though you probably should). It's no secret that we're pretty proud of the Hydra, and while we know perfection is a myth, we're close.

That being said, there are drawbacks to consider. Since we want you to make the best possible choice, let's talk them out. As mentioned before, the Hydra Series is more expensive than our original power rack line. However, the Hydra Power Racks boast a 1000lb capacity, compared to the 600lb capacity that's standard with baseline racks. The compatibility is also a huge advantage if you compare the cost and value to the competition.

Remember how we just said that assembling the Hydra racks isn't a big deal, but we left it as though there was a "but?" But. It's harder compared to standard racks. As the Hydra is so thiccc and beefy, it's heavy and awkward — often too much for even the most seasoned lifter to lift, hold, and bolt. The larger bolts also take special hardware. Unless you have a set of 24mm wrenches (you'll need two), you'll have to add them to your order.

We've added this to the customization process to make things easier. That's it, we promise. The attachments are a HUGE selling point for the Hydra, but they are sold separately. Customizing your J-Cups, safeties, and extra pull up bars cost extra. Meanwhile, our Light Commerical rack includes everything in the price. Fortunately, you can easily click through the customization process and play around with the cost. In fact, we encourage you to.

Big, beefy, heavy — you know what that means! The Hydra Power Racks are more expensive to ship than the original line. However, if you're near our warehouses in Toronto, Calgary, or Indianapolis (or have a friend with a truck who wants to road trip from Nova Scotia), you can arrange for free in-store pick-up.

Otherwise? Remember to incorporate shipping in your home gym budget. The Hydra Power Rack is the last power rack you'll ever need. If you're looking for a one-and-done purchase, this is it. The 1,000lb capacity, brand compatibility, and customization make it an excellent choice to outfit your home gym. Click the link below and see for yourself. 😉