How to Use Wrist Wraps

how to use wrist wraps

For athletes who like lifting weights, wrist pain can be quite unpleasant.

Progressive overload is essential for muscle growth, but keeping your wrists straight under heavy weights might be tough even with a modified grip.

Wrist injuries are no joke!

Wrist pain doesn’t only happen during snatching and jerking but also when performing traditional strength exercises like the bench press and overhead press. The pressure on the wrist is extremely high, especially when lifting weights; a significant force acts on the wrist.

This is why wrist straps are an excellent accessory to have when lifting. Wrist wraps provide benefits besides stability, such as warming and circulation-promoting effects. By removing the potential of grip failure, you can lift as much as you physically can, with no further limitations.

In this article, we'll teach you how to use wrist wraps with our very own Bells of Steel Mighty Wrist Wraps that are designed specifically to help you lift heavier, safely. Wrist wraps are used to secure the wrist. They offer protection when pushing, resulting in potential wrist extension. They help in keeping your wrist in a neutral position. This is important for workouts like the bench press and overhead press, which requires the barbell to rest at the base of your palm.

Your wrist, however, may involuntarily flex backward as the weight increase. The elastic material of the wrap is stretched around the wrist to form a cast-like structure to prevent the wrist from bending backward or forward during lifting.

Everyone has different lifting needs, and the best wrist wraps actually depend on your training program and goals. The BoS Mighty Wrist Wraps are your basic starter wrist wraps. These extra thick wrist wraps are sold in pairs, woven really nicely, and built from strong elastic material providing an excellent combination of durability and flexibility.

It has a solid velcro, and each wrist sleeve is 3 inches wide and 23.5 inches long. It has a built-in quality thumb loop that helps to ensure that once on, these wraps stay right where you need them.

Whatever program or strength sport you engage in, these wrist wraps can help protect your wrists without limiting your range of motion. With the Bells of Steel Mighty Wrist Wraps, it's simple to put on a pair of wrist wraps. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Line up the thumb loop with the inside of your wrists. Your thumb loop is what is gonna anchor your wrap.
  2. Slide the wrap over the back of your hand and push your thumb through the thumb loop. The wrap should wrap right across the back of the palm. When you wrap the wrist across the back of your hand, position the wrap at a slight angle. Bringing it down, cutting the wrap in half in an "x" pattern.
  3. Turn your hand over and pull it tight around your hand's crease. This is where most people falter with their wrist trap technique. Do not cover the wrist and leave the bottom of the hand exposed. The wrist should still be able to flex in this position.
  4. Pull the wrap up and diagonally across your wrist.
  5. Pull the rest of the length of the wrap across in a circle and continue to wrap around the wrist until it’s comfortably tight.
  6. Then simply lock down the velcro.

Once you’ve successfully placed the wrist wraps on your wrists, they should be secured and tight. When the bar sets deeply in your hand during a set, you should still have some movement but just enough to keep the bar set in the base of your palm.

The more strain you put on your wrists during weight training, the greater the chance of wrist pain or injury. It makes sense to use wrist wraps as a preventative step to protect your wrists and minimize the pressure we put on them.

Wrist wraps, like any fitness gear, should feel comfortable on your skin, and as you move through your workouts, they don't prevent you from performing at your best.

Whether you're doing an overhead press, a bench press, a snatch, or a clean and jerk, a pair of the Bells of Steel Mighty Wrist Wraps will definitely improve your workout.