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How to Choose the Right Manticore Power Rack for Your Home Gym

Manticore flat foot power rack with lever arms

Ah, the world of endless choices, where even the mightiest warriors of old would tremble in the face of decision fatigue. But fear not, my fitness fellowship, for in our quest for the ultimate power rack, the Manticore Power Rack stands as a beacon of hope. With nine preset designs, an abundance of attachments, and boundless customization possibilities, this mythical beast offers you endless choices to shape your home gym paradise. But which one is the perfect sidekick to your fitness quest? In this article, we’ll dive into key considerations, from available space to training functionality. Let’s embark!

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of selecting the perfect Manticore Rack for your personal lifting paradise, let's acknowledge the importance of this decision. Just as each hero has their unique quest, your home gym's size, location, and training style are vital factors that shape your needs. Remember, a well-chosen power rack is the foundation of your home gym. Choosing the right option will keep you on the path to achieving your fitness goals, whether it's slaying PRs or conquering new realms of strength.

Before you unleash the beast that is the Manticore, consider a few key factors: Measure twice; assemble once. Determine where your rack is going and take precise measurements of your dedicated gym space to avoid any unexpected side quests to Stressville. Or the hardware store. There’s a difference between opening a portal and smashing a hole through your ceiling. Even Hercules had to budget his drachmas.

While the Manticore Series offers exceptional value, especially compared to other brands with true 3″ x 3″ steel tubing with 1″ holes, it’s still a big investment. Keep your overall budget in mind, including shipping and tax. Assess your training style and choose attachments and rack styles that suit your current abilities. Are you a simple "pick it up and put it down" warrior, or do you dabble in the arts of calisthenics and functional fitness? If you’re the former, you’ll likely need a sturdy rack with some reliable interior safeties. If you’re the latter, headroom and space for attachments is a must.

The Oracle of Fitness foretells gains in your future. Consider where your fitness journey may lead. Do you dream of powerlifting glory or anticipate adding more heroic attachments to your arsenal? We’re not saying you have to use some sort of mystic foresight to determine your destiny, but it helps to know how your training might evolve over time. Choosing the right rack height is akin to selecting the perfect weapon for battle. The Manticore Power Racks come in heights of 72", 84", 90", and 108". Here's what to consider:

  • Regular Ceiling: Standard ceiling height is around 8 feet (96"). An 84" Manticore Rack allows for pull-ups and accommodates taller warriors.
  • Short Ceiling: If your ceiling height is 7-7.5 feet (84-90"), the 72" Manticore uprights are your allies for pull-ups.
  • Tall Ceiling: With ceilings towering above 9 feet, reach for the stars with a 90" or 108" Manticore Rack. Let your muscles soar!
To measure your ceiling for your Manticore Power Rack, channel your inner architect and use a measuring tape. Remember, no indoor skylights – safety first! Keep in mind that you’ll need headspace for things like pull-ups and muscle-ups. The depth of your crossbeams shapes your battleground. Manticore Rack depths range from 17" to 87". Choose wisely:
  • Minimal Depth: Opt for a 17" depth or a folding rack if space is at a premium.
  • Normal Depth: Most heroes favor the 24" or 30" rack depth – room to squat without dominating your domain.
  • Spacious Depth: For team workouts and wide-open spaces, get the 43" depth or up to 87” depth with the Manticore 6 Post.
First, measure the overall available space. Then, mark your territory with painter's tape and test your range. Compare your available space to the depths and unique configuration specs, keeping in mind that some models have feet or storage that impact the overall depth beyond the standard measurements listed here. Manticore racks are 49" wide. Keep in mind that barbells are often 7 feet long! It’s not enough to measure space for the rack. Ensure space for attachments and graceful movement. Aim for at least 9 feet of width to accommodate your training space, keeping these guidelines in mind:
  • Minimalist Width: With 9 feet or less, you’ll have to stand to the side for loading. Mighty Grip Olympic Weight Plates are your allies here.
  • Normal Width: With 10-11 feet, you'll have room to spare for comfortable barbell handling.
  • Spacious Width: 12 feet or more is the promised land, where barbell loading, accessory work, and camaraderie flourish.

Again, measuring tape is your trusted sidekick here. Painter's tape and a barbell can help you visualize the battlefield. Believe it or not, your training style is one of the most important considerations when planning out your space and choosing the right Manticore Rack. If you prefer bodybuilding exercises with cable machines or need stability beyond free weights, you’ll need a rack that’s sizeable enough to accommodate cable machine attachments.

The Manticore 4 Post Rack is a strong starting point. Adding a Manticore Batwing or creating a Trident Station with additional uprights and crossmembers will take your home gym to the next level. If you share your space with a partner, a Manticore Four Post, Manticore Flat Foot, Manticore 6 Foot, or Manticore Two-Sided Rack is a must.

If you tend to stick to one exercise at a time rather than circuits and the latest workout of the day, or you just need a rack as a basic barbell holder, a Manticore Squat Stand, Manticore Collegiate, or Manticore Half Rack, or Manticore Folding Rack will likely suffice. These options are also ideal for space-conscious lifters.

What if you choose the wrong Manticore rack or your needs change over time? Fear not, for the Manticore's modular design allows for seamless transitions between styles. In layman’s terms, we’ve got you! With nine pre-set designs, the Manticore Series offers styles for every hero:

  • Squat Stand: A bare-bones launch point for Olympic lifters, complete with a pull-up bar.
  • Space-saving Racks: The Collegiate and Half Rack offer efficient designs with stabilizer feet for post-PR re-rackings.
  • Folding Racks: Wall-mounted wonders that fold away when the battle is won.
  • Wall-mounted Racks: Stable four-post designs for spaces that can't bear the burden of floor drilling, but don’t fold away.
  • Free-standing Racks: Classic 4 Post, Flat Foot, or mighty 6 Post for stability and versatility.
Choosing the right Manticore Rack is your quest for fitness greatness. Measure carefully, consider your training style, and envision your future gains. The Manticore awaits your command and, with it, your fitness destiny. Let's embark on this epic journey to build your legendary home gym!