Clutter-Free Gym: Bumper Plate Weight Tree And Bar Holder 2.0 Quick Overview

Bumper Plate Tree and Bar Holder

You don't want to always leave your plates on the floor. They take up a lot of room and are a pain in the back... literally. If your home gym is small, you can save alot of space by storing your plates vertically, properly and safely.

But you might wonder, "How will I do that with all my weight plates?"

In this article, we'll give you a quick rundown of the Bells of Steel Bumper Plate Weight Tree And Bar Holder so you can save time and energy and focus on getting those gainz.

An upright post with side pegs for holding weight plates is called a weight plate tree. The shape's resemblance to a tree is where the inspiration came from.

Plate organization is beneficial for various reasons:

  • Maintains a clean and organized appearance in your gym.
  • Allows for quick weight changes.
  • Removes the plates from the floor so there won't be anything to bang your toe against 😁

Storage for bumper plates and barbells is made simple with the Bells of Steel Bumper Plate Weight Tree and Bar Holder.

Yes, you read that right! You can store and organize not just your weight plates, but also holds bars!

The Bumper Plate Weight Tree and Bar Holder 2.0 is made of 11-gauge steel, weighs 88 pounds, and has a 12.5-inch sleeve length. The bolt-on plate pegs can support four Olympic bar holders and full-sized bumpers weighing up to 1,740 lbs on all post levels. This rack is extremely stable and unlikely to tip over even with a full stack of weights.

This gym-storage solution is also portable and convenient as it's on wheels! Finally, a superb black powder coat finish protects it from wear and tear.Storage is often overlooked but can significantly impact your experience and training. Though it may only save a few minutes and a few feet of movement in any given session, the effect compounded over time will save you a surprising amount of time and effort.

The Bells of Steel Bumper Plate Weight Tree and Bar Holder is a solid piece of equipment ideal for organizing and tidying up your home gym so you can eliminate distractions and stay focus during your workouts.