Comparing the Blitz Air Bike vs. Residential Air Bike: Which One Is Right for You?

Blitz Air Bike vs. Residential Air Bike

Choosing the right home gym equipment is essential for getting the most value for your money and the results you want to accomplish. At Bells of Steel, we have two versions of the devil’s bicycle air bike—the Blitz Air Bike and the Residential Air Bike. In this article, we’ll compare these two cardio kings and help you decide which one is right for you. We get it: you’ve got places to be and things to do.

The Blitz Air Bike is beefy with a 25” diameter fan and a max capacity of 350lb/159kg. Compared to the Residential Air Bike, it’s bigger, a bit heavier, and built for everyday use by multiple gym users. It comes with a two-year warranty for extra coverage. The Blitz is right for you if a fan bike is a big part of your workout routine, you have a commercial gym space or a few training buddies who join you at your personal lifting paradise.

The Residential Air Bike has a smaller footprint and a more streamlined, economical design than the Blitz Bike. It’s a bit easier to move and tuck away between uses. Like the Blitz, the Residential bike has a large, comfy seat, versatile console, and convenient phone and water bottle holders. They’re both belt-driven for a smooth, joint-friendly ride. As the Residential is more streamlined, it’s got a smaller fan (a bit less resistance), a lower weight capacity, and a lower cost! It has a one-year warranty to cover defects in materials and workmanship during normal use (i.e., don’t go offroading! 😉)

The Residential Air Bike is great for home gym owners who need a reliable cardio machine for accessories and cross-training or need their home gym budget to stretch a little further. It’s not appropriate for commercial use.

While there are a few notable differences between the Blitz Air Bike and Residential Air Bike, one key element remains the same: they’ll both kick your butt. They both offer a low-impact, joint-friendly cardio option that can help you boost your conditioning and hit your fitness goals. One small caveat though: you actually have to get on the bike and do the thing. 🥵 Ready to take your home gym to the next level with an air bike?