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What Is A Functional Trainer?

What Is A Functional Trainer?

Prepare to be amazed as we introduce you to the superhero of fitness equipment: the almighty Functional Trainer!

It's time to kick boring workouts to the curb and embark on an epic adventure toward a fitter, stronger, and more flexible you. Grab your cape (and cable attachments) and join us on this thrilling fitness journey! A functional trainer isn’t your average Joe when it comes to workout equipment, it’s one of the most trusted tools for the home gym enthusiast.

It offers a mind-boggling array of exercises and benefits. So, let's dive into their main components and discover why they're the talk of the town! The weight stacks are the star of the show for any selectorized functional trainer. These bad boys bring fast, adjustable resistance to the table, allowing you to level up your workouts like a pro by simply changing the pin setting on the weight stack.

Whether you're just starting out or you're already a fitness guru, the weight stacks can be customized to suit your strength and unleash your inner Hercules. For those not using a selectorized/weight stack functional trainer, the weight stack is replaced with a set of weight horns (also called “plate pegs”).

You’ll need your own weight plates for a machine like this, but you’ll save a considerable amount of money going this route.The cables are an underrated part of functional trainers. They allow a pleasant experience and with a proper weight capacity, they ensure that you’re always safe when exercising. Similar to the cables, the pulleys ensure smooth, controlled, and oh-so-satisfying resistance on your cable machine. Say goodbye to clunky, choppy tension!

A small upgrade from nylon/plastic pulleys to aluminum pulleys provides a surprisingly upscale experience with buttery-smooth pulls.These trainers are all about adaptability with their guide rods. By sliding the carriage system up or down them, you can adjust the height, angle, and positioning of your handles.

So whether you prefer lunges, squats, or even superhero-style moves, a functional trainer has your back (and your biceps, triceps, and core). On well-designed functional trainers, the guide rods are actually made with the same dimensions of power rack uprights. This means that you can mount a vast arsenal of rack attachments directly onto them.

We're talking about dip bars, lever arms and more! They're like sidekicks that help you target specific muscles, switch up your exercises, and keep your workouts fresh and exciting. Talk about versatility!Now that you've uncovered the incredible powers of functional trainers, it's time to suit up and join the fitness revolution.

Incorporate them into your training routine and watch as your strength, flexibility, and overall fitness soar to new heights.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the power of functional trainers and become the fitness hero you were meant to be. Suit up, train hard, and let the world marvel at your transformation!