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Elevate Your Strongman Training with Bells of Steel: Tips from the Pros

Strongman's Guide to Strength training and equipment

Ah... The world of strongman training, where raw power, immense strength, and tenacity reign supreme. In this blog, we'll look at the fascinating field of strongman training through the eyes of two of Bells of Steel’s professional athletes, Sam Belliveau and Maxime Boudreault, who achieved success in the sport despite adversity. They share advice on how to balance training with life, their favorite BoS equipment, avoid injuries, and recovery.

Before we dig deeper into the world of strongman training and the Bells of Steel athletes who dominate it, let's first define strongman. Strongman is an exciting and unique strength sport that demonstrates raw power and athleticism. Competitions consist of a series of incredible feats of strength and endurance in which athletes must lift, carry, and move massive objects over various distances and obstacles. The events frequently include iconic strength tests such as:

  • Deadlift: Athletes lift an enormous weight off the ground, often using a specialized deadlift bar, and hold it for as long as possible.
  • Atlas Stones: This classic event involves hoisting round, heavy stones onto platforms of increasing heights. It requires a combination of brute strength, technique, and explosiveness.
  • Farmer's Walk: Competitors carry heavy objects, often resembling large dumbbells, in each hand over a set distance. Grip strength is crucial here.
  • Yoke Walk: Athletes carry a weighty yoke on their shoulders and walk as quickly as possible. It's a true test of strength, balance, and determination.
  • Overhead Press: This event can involve lifting massive logs or kegs overhead, emphasizing not only strength but also shoulder stability.
  • Car Deadlift: Similar to a traditional deadlift, but athletes lift the front of a car instead of a barbell.

Strongman competitions are both mentally and physically demanding and are a true showcase of physical strength. It's a sport that requires physical prowess, mental toughness, and a never-ending quest for personal improvement. Maxime Boudreault has competed in the Shaw Classic and World's Strongest Man. He came in third place in the 2021 Worlds Strongest Man competition. Samantha Belliveau, on the other hand, has competed in Canada Strongwoman, the Arnold Amateur Strongwoman Championship, and Clash Strongman. She is best known for breaking the women's world record with a 183.4lb/83.1kg Dumbbell Overhead Press.

Max and Sam are probably the strongest couple in the world. 💪 Bells of Steel equipment became essential to Sam and Max's strongman training. Sam and Max usually train at a commercial gym, but when the pandemic struck, they were forced to look for ways to continue their training. They quickly realized the value of having a home gym during challenging times, as it allowed them to maintain their strength and conditioning when other options were limited.

Sam and Max have had the privilege of using Bells of Steel equipment and working closely with the company over the years. They took an active role in testing and refining the equipment to meet the strict standards of strongman training. Sam and Max's advice to those looking to start their strongman journey is to start small, even in the convenience of your own home gym.

Regardless of your current level of fitness, they recommend participating in competitions as a way to advance your skills and gain experience. To excel in strongman, building a solid foundation of strength is essential. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses are crucial in developing the power and strength needed for the sport. Strongman-specific implements like Atlas stones and yokes are vital for mastering event-specific techniques.

If you're just dipping your toes into strongman and aren't ready to invest in specific equipment, don't worry: you can stick with the strength-building basics and get creative with the equipment you do have until you're ready.

Versatility is the key to effective strongman training. Bells of Steel has a large selection of barbells and power racks that can be used for various exercises, including squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and overhead presses. Their favorite exercise equipment from Bells of Steel is the Reverse Hammer, Belt Squat Machine, Safety Squat Bar, Open Trap/Hex Bar, and the Yoke. A few key pieces of equipment will allow you to perform a variety of strongman movements and more. You just need to be creative! 😉 A successful strongman career isn't just about lifting heavy weights - it's about staying healthy and injury-free.

Although injuries are an unfortunate part of the strongman journey, they can be avoided and controlled. Sam and Max emphasize the value of healthy eating and regular visits to physiotherapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors. Maintaining competitiveness over the long run requires recovery. Both athletes highlight the importance of training smart. Ego lifting and pushing beyond your limits can lead to setbacks. It's better to progress steadily and safely, ensuring your form is impeccable.

Sam and Max encourage athletes to enjoy the training process, focus on consistent progress, and, most importantly, train safely. It's not just about the destination; it's about the journey.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can take inspiration from Sam Belliveau and Maxime Boudreault's strongman journey and partnership with Bells of Steel. Their success story demonstrates how passion, dedication, and quality equipment can result in exceptional results. If you're looking to take your strongman training to the next level, check out Bells of Steel's fitness equipment - it could be the missing piece in your journey to becoming a strongman champion.