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Comparing the SS3 vs. SS4 Safety Squat Bar: Similarities and Differences

SS3 vs. SS4 safety squat bar

Safety squat bars are one of the most popular specialty power bars. Its cambered design and handles make it ideal for lifters with upper body mobility limitations, and the shift in loading puts more emphasis on the quads. While we’re really proud of our SS3 Safety Squat Bar, our amazing customers provided us with an upgrade wishlist.

So, we channeled our inner genies and created the SS4. 🧞 We've also discontinued the SS3 bar, so once it's gone, it's GONE. 💨 If you already have an SS3, you can upgrade to the SS4 handles. Read on to discover what’s new on the SS4 Squat Bar and why it might be your favorite specialty bar ever.

We received two upgrade requests for the SS3: better knurling on the handles and a bar that fits wider racks. Wish granted! No more plastic handles; these bad boys are heavy metal all the way! 🤘The ergonomic designs and anti-slip knurling will help you feel secure when hitting the big weights. The SS3 was also designed to work with our original rack lineup, fitting comfortably in 47” wide racks.

This bad boy still fits the more compact rack options, but can also be used in racks up to 49” wide—you know, in case you need more room for your PR victory dance. We’ve replaced the bushings with bearings for smoother sleeve rotation and upgraded to a black titanized coating for less wear and tear during enthusiastic re-rackings. We’ve kept the core features of the SS3 the same on the SS4. You’ll still get the comfortable, cushiony pad for ergonomic, hands-free squatting (if that’s your jam). You still get the buttery smooth rotating sleeves for natural movement as you hit the heavy weights.

Your SS4 also comes with three upgradeable handles, but they offer better quality and grip than the SS3 version. Most importantly, you still get the unbeatable versatility to do squats, good mornings, lunges, and more. If you already have an SS3, you’re in luck: you can purchase the upgraded SS4 handles separately. Click here and press “choose below” to get your upgraded chain, spider, and seal row handle attachments.

We’re all about finding room for improvement and helping you reach your goals—whether you want to get bigger, better, faster, or stronger, we’re here to help. The SS4 is the embodiment of that belief. This upgraded safety squat bar fits more racks and offers a better grip so you can accomplish your goals.