Add Hundreds of Exercises with the Plate Loaded Cable Tower

Add Hundreds of Exercises with the Plate Loaded Cable Tower

If you're looking to set up a home gym or improve your workout routine, you need to know what works best for your limited space.

A cable machine is versatile and pairs well with your other fitness equipment, such as free weights. However, getting a Functional Trainer can be quite expensive, and some fitness enthusiasts may not have the luxury of space in their home gym.

That's where the Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower comes in — a compact powerhouse that brings versatility, affordability, and a whole lot of fun to your home gym setup.

Keep reading to find out how! The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower is built with 2.3" by 2.3" (60mm by 60mm) tubing and has 8.25″ loadable sleeves. Its heavy-duty construction not only enhances stability but also allows for compatibility with various rack sizes, allowing you to adjust the resistance according to your preferences and goals.

Take advantage of the universal slot bracket to mount this piece to any rack, the wall, or the floor— yes, even true 3" x 3" racks.

Load up those plates and challenge yourself to reach new heights! 😁

With a weight of 85lbs/38.6kg and a height of 81.2"/2,063mm, this cable tower can accommodate the hole spacing of most power racks that are at least 76″ tall.

It has a convenient 2:1 pull ratio, allowing you to perform various exercises. This feature increases versatility and makes for a more comfortable and effective workout experience.

The pulleys of the cable tower are made from durable nylon material, and with a user-friendly pop-pin mechanism, adjusting the pulley height on the tower is a breeze.

Whether you're aiming for a chest press, seated row, or a lat pulldown, the pulley system effortlessly adjusts up, down, and everything in between. One of the commonly asked questions about cable towers is, "Do I really need to mount it?" The answer is a resounding yes.

Safety and liability are both essential factors to consider. Picture yourself doing a seated row with heavy weights — you risk toppling over without the Plate Loaded Cable Tower securely fastened. We recommend mounting it to something sturdy to prevent any accidents or mishaps. More brains equals more gainz.🧠 If mounting the tower isn't an option, consider purchasing a back upright, attaching a couple of plate pegs, and loading some weights for counterbalance.

This approach is not a replacement for proper mounting. However, it's better than nothing if mounting the tower isn't an option. The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower, as the name suggests, is intended for plate loading. It fits Olympic-size two-inch plates, allowing you to tailor your workouts to your specific needs and fitness level.

Sorry, folks, no inch plates on this bad boy! 😎

It also features tough nylon pulleys for efficient and smooth movement throughout your workouts. Nylon pulleys deliver excellent performance and durability on their own, but aluminum pulleys are an optional add-on if you're looking for an upgrade.Here's where the real fun starts. A variety of attachments are available for the Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower to increase its functionality and spice up your workouts:

  • Landmine Attachment: Get creative with barbell exercises and explore unique movement patterns.
  • Roller J-Cups: Transform two towers into a squat rack by adding two j-cups and even attach Spotter Arms for enhanced safety.
  • Pull-Up Attachment: Amp up your upper body workout by incorporating pull-ups into your routine.
  • Y Dip Attachment: Experience stability and strength with dips, thanks to the tower's sturdy design.

The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower will revolutionize your home gym setup.

Its compact dimensions, affordable price, and exceptional versatility make it a must-have for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Remember that safety should always come first, so secure the tower for worry-free workouts.

If you're ready to unlock a variety of exercises and maximize your workout potential, the Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower is your go-to companion.

Upgrade your home gym today and discover a whole new level of fitness awesomeness!