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October 2023 Home Gym of the Month

October 2023 Home Gym of the Month

The winner for October 2023 is Sean Isaac from Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Convenience. I got tired of the volume of people at the gym. Also, my wife, Jess, started to express an interest in weight training but works way too many hours to also squeeze in a trip to the gym before or after work... So it was time!

For me, gain muscle and progressively get stronger. For my wife, get stronger to support her running.

Classic bodybuilding upper-lower split, 5-week block progressing from 3 reps in reserve to failure followed by a deload and then rinse and repeat.

84" Hydra with the Multi-grip Pull-up bar, Hydra Seal Row Pad, 2x Barenaked Powerlifting Bar, 2x Loadable Dumbbell handles, Buzzsaw Bench with Leg curl/extension attachment, Y-dip attachment, Landmine attachment, various storage attachments, Arch Nemesis Bar, and a plyobox. Adjustable kettlebell and with some creative space planning, hopefully, a Plate-loaded Cable Tower.

Be good 80% of the time and make sure you enjoy your program because consistency is key.

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