May 2024 Home Gym of the Month

May 2024 Home Gym of the Month

May Home Gym of the Month Winner: André Cléroux

The winner for May 2024 is André Cléroux from Chatham, ON, Canada.

IG: @andrecleroux

Why did you start your own home gym?

I started my home gym to provide myself balance and flexibility in my schedule but mostly to allow me to prioritize family time. By doing this, I inadvertently created the opportunity for my kids to become curious about fitness and this has encouraged them to workout with me from time to time.

What are your current fitness goals?

I am currently working on cutting down some fat but just being healthy is my primary goal. I started my journey in 2016 at 407 lbs. and I am currently approaching 250 lbs.

What program are you following?

I used to be with a coach who has helped me understand how to adapt my nutrition and training regimen based on my goals (cutting vs. bulking) and I am now doing my own thing based on what I have learned. I do 6 days a week of weight training and on my rest day, I work on my flexibility and mobility.

What BoS equipment do you own?

I purchased, AND LOVE, my Light Commercial Rack with Lat/Row Attachment & Cable Attachments.

What's next on your wish list?

I want to get the landmine attachment for my rack, a better bench, and dumbbells (adjustable dumbbells aren't meeting my needs any longer). Once this has been acquired, I would love to get a Leg Press/Hack Squat machine.

What is your favourite fitness hack?

Showing up daily and pushing past your comfort levels will truly define you mentally and eventually physically. Don't let your mind quit before you've put through the work. (MIND over MATTER) 

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