May 2022 Home Gym of the Month

May 2022 Home Gym of the Month 1

IG: @canadian.powerlifter

I started my home gym because I was moving to a remote town in Northern Manitoba, still wanted to compete, and with no gym in town, I needed to make sure I was set up well.

My current fitness goal is strength. Very much looking forward to stepping back on the platform next year.

My programming comes from Juggernaut AI.

My BoS equipment includes the Light Commercial Rack with attachments Lat pulldown/low cable, Landmine peg, Plate Pegs, Dip bar, Lever Arms, and Belt Squat. Also the Mighty Grip Flat bench, Powerlifting Bar, SSB, 690lbs of plates, Weight Stand (tree), and clips.

My next purchases are for the Cable Crossover attachment and the Buzzsaw Bench.

My favorite fitness hack is simple - drink 4L of water/day.

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