March 2023 Home Gym of the Month

March 2023 Home Gym of the Month

The winner for March 2023 is Chris Oslie (Oslie's Powerhouse).

IG: @chrisoslie

I started it for a lot of reasons. Pandemic restrictions, gym fees, having the equipment I want, etc. But the biggest reason I started my home gym was so I could have a place to train so that my kids could join me. They see, join in on training and experience the gym.

Competing in strongman. Improving my strength and endurance and allowing my kids to experience physical activity and education.

I am currently coached by Ronin Fitness.

Power Rack 4.1 - Residential, Rack Lat Pulldown / Row Attachment, Onyx Powerlifting Cerakote Bar, Mighty Grip Fat Flat Bench 2.1, The SS3, Open Trap Bar / Hex Bar, EZ Curl Bar, Loadable Dumbbell, Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar, weight plates, Strongman Yoke, Sandbags, Viking press, Bumper Plate Weight Tree and Bar Holder, Deadlift Pads, Deadlift Jack, and chains.

I’m currently looking to get a sled and something pink for my wife (Meagan).

The deadlift - makes life so much better after a deadlift session.

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