June 2021 Home Gym of the Month

june 2021 home gym of the month

The winner of the June 2021 gym of the month is Steve Chevalier from our website reviews! Steve is kind of a home gym super hero… He’s using his home gym powers for good, and to help others! Sounds like a stand-up fella.

Check out his answers to our questionnaire and get gymspired. Want to build your own home gym? Then checkout our Home Gym Builder!

Why did you start your own home gym?

I originally started my home gym the day everything shut down from Covid, just as a temporary measure. However, I slowly traded and upgraded pieces until I had everything I needed and it has transformed into my new permanent gym.

The best thing about it is that some of my friends have even started using my gym. So not only has it helped me keep on track with progressing towards my goals throughout this past year, but it’s helped them to get started on theirs when they otherwise wouldn’t have gone to a commercial gym. I love that.

What are your current fitness goals?

My current fitness goals in a nut shell are to keep getting bigger and stronger and stay fit for sports. I really enjoy soccer and softball, so in a more general sense I care about building strength and muscle to prevent injuries so that I can keep playing sports and lifting into my 70s and beyond!

What program are you following?

Right now I’m following Jeff Nippard’s High Frequency Full Body program from www.jeffnippard.com and I absolutely love it.

What Bells of Steel fitness equipment do you own?

My Bells of Steel fitness equipment list is pretty long at this point… Light commercial rack 5.1 Onyx powerlifting cerakote bar FID commercial 3.0 bench Mighty grip iron weight plates Dead bounce bumper plates Rack lat pulldown / row attachment Lever arms Spotter arms Y Dip bar attachment Landmine attachment Arm blaster Glute Loop

What’s next on your wishlist?

Next on my wish list would be the Bells of Steel EZ Curl Bar, or some additional bumper plates.

What’s your favorite fitness hack?

I have 2 favorite fitness hacks that I’ve figured out so far with the BoS equipment I have.

1. Using the lever arms at the bottom position along with the FID bench at an incline to simulate a chest supported T-Bar Row.

2. Using the cross bar from the lat tower to attach a secondary pulley and cable, so I can do mid height cable exercises like face pulls. As a bonus hack, I use a white Sharpie wet erase chalk marker to label all the J-cup positions on my rack for each lift.

If you’d like to have your Bells of Steel gym featured, be sure to share and tag us on Instagram, or leave a review on our website with a picture/video for your chance to be featured and get yourself a $100 gift certificate to boot.

Or if you’re still on the fence about your building your dream gym or have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts are ready for any question, no matter how simple or complicated. That’s all for this month!