January 2023 Home Gym of the Month

January 2023 Home Gym of the Month

The winner for January 2023 is Anthony.

IG: @anthony_monzy

I started my home gym in September 2022. I felt that commuting to the gym was too challenging with work /life balance and needed more convenience. This better assures I can stick to my workout plan and saves time instead of having to commute to the gym properly

I’m trying to gain 20 pounds of lean muscle currently by the end of this year 2023.

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer program

Power Rack 4.1 – Residential, Rack Lat Pulldown / Row Attachment, Y Dip Attachment, Spotter Arms Attachment, Landmine Power Rack Attachment, Plate Pegs, Custom barbell set 350 lb, Multi-Purpose Olympic Barbell - The Utility Bar, Glute Loop, Plate Loaded Cable Tower, Split Squat Leg Roller Power Rack Attachment, Wrist Roller And Rack Attachment.

I’m currently looking to get 0.5lb E-Coat Fractional Plates and possibly some low-weight e-coat machine iron plates.
I do a lot of antagonist workouts, failure and beyond failure sets. I usually do a 7s finisher set for arm blaster workouts once arm day is complete.

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