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Hydra Sliding Lever Arms: Gym Machine Workouts at Home

Hydra sliding lever arms chest press machine

Owning a home gym offers a lot of perks. You can work out when you want without commuting or childcare, and there are no arguments over the music (not sure why you'd want to lift to sad country jams, but you do you.) The downside is limited access to gym machines. That's where lever arms come in.

Hydra Sliding Lever Arms simulate many machine and barbell exercises without the need for extra costly, space-wasting equipment. These bad boys are easy to adjust for quick movements between exercises and are compatible with non-B.o.S. racks with true 3″ x 3″ uprights with 5/8″ holes.

In this post, we'll discuss everything you need to know about the Hydra Sliding Lever Arms, from the features and benefits to the types of workouts you can complete with this life-changing rack attachment.

Hydra Sliding Lever Arms are a power rack attachment that fits Hydra series power racks or any non-B.o.S. rack with true 3″ x 3″ uprights with 5/8″ or 1" holes.

Sliding lever arms, also known as jammer arms, jammers, or trolley arms, are used as an alternative to barbells, dumbbells, and gym machines in strength training. Jammer arms work on a fixed lever system, allowing the user to add plates and perform an endless variety of unilateral and bilateral lifts.

When not in use, the arms rest out of the way at the sides of the power rack, like they're awkwardly posing for a picture and don't know where to put their hands. The Hydra Sliding Lever Arms offer another benefit — sliding adjustability. Rather than taking the arms off the rack and moving them to switch between exercises or adjust your position, you can just click a button and slide them up or down.

As each arm weighs a beefy 61 lbs, this is a huge benefit for those awkward overhead adjustments. One of the most common questions about the Hydra Sliding Lever Arms is whether they're compatible with a non-B.o.S. rack. As mentioned before, Hydra attachments are compatible with true 3″ x 3″ uprights with 5/8″ holes. So if you have a competitor's rack that matches the true 3" x3" (76.2mm x 76.2mm) specs, the Hydra Sliding Lever Arms will fit.

Why stick to one brand when you can shop around and create the home gym of your dreams without blowing your budget for a brand name? Of course, you should always whip out the handy dandy measuring tape to confirm the compatibility. A lot of overseas brands market their uprights as 3" x 3".

However, they typically round up from 75mm x 75mm. Now we're not mathematicians (brains are important, gainz are importanter), but that's 2.95" x 2.95". It may seem like a minuscule amount, but it makes a BIG difference in safety and integrity. Adding Hydra Sliding Lever Arms to your Hydra or compatible rack is the best way to expand your strength training options without expanding your home gym's footprint.

Here are some of the top benefits of using the Hydra Sliding Lever Arms: These jammer arms offer a range of exercises that can target different muscle groups throughout your entire body. Work your chest, back, shoulders, triceps, quads, calves, hamstrings, glutes, core... did we miss anything?

Here are just a few of the exercises you can do with Hydra Sliding Lever Arms:

  • Bent over Rows
  • Thrusters
  • Bicep curls
  • Shrugs
  • Floor press
  • Deadlifts
  • Overhead press
  • Hip thrusts
  • Lateral raises
  • Front raises
  • Lunges
  • Glute kickbacks
  • Goblet squats

Add a Hydra Adjustable Pull-Up Bar, and you can add hack squats and leg presses to the mix — and that's without adding chains, bands, and other torture implements! We're not sure what your significant other's problem is — does anyone really need to park in a garage? Isn't clearing snow in the subzero pre-dawn morning your favorite type of cardio? ☃ No? Ok.

Hydra Sliding Lever Arms give you all the versatility and accessory training you need without taking up more precious real estate in your basement or garage gym. You're golden as long as you have room in front of the rack (about four feet) to push the arms outward when they're in use.

Still need an excuse? They're perfect for hanging laundry to dry too. Look at us solving all your life problems. 🧺👕

Lever arms are great, but moving them up and down the power rack can be a nightmare. They can be more awkward than that thing you did eight years ago that you randomly think about when you're falling asleep (sorry), especially if you're on the shorter side.

The Hydra Sliding Lever Arms slide up and down the uprights with the click of a button. These bad boys are smoother than you wish you were during that awkward moment we weren't supposed to bring up (sorry again.) 🫢

See how easy it is to adjust Hydra Sliding Lever Arms in this video: It's not that you can't get an incredible workout with a barbell and some plates. However, isolation and accessory work is the creme de la creme, la piece de resistance, and other fancy French words of your workout. Hydra Sliding Lever Arms open the door to single-arm overhead presses, lateral raises, and belt squats without straddling boxes or our Belt Squat Machine (who are we kidding — you should get that too.)

Dumbbells are great for isolation muscles and hitting the stabilizers — unless you have a pre-existing injury. It doesn't matter if you got a little too chummy with the scrummy in your last rugby match or you turned 30 and slept the wrong way; stability and control are essential for injury rehab.

The Hydra Sliding Lever arms keep the load in a controlled path, minimizing your risk of shifting the weight and triggering an underlying injury (or creating a new one). Of course, you should always talk to your healthcare provider before trying anything new, but this attachment makes your training goals more accessible during recovery. 💪

Incorporating Hydra Sliding Lever Arms into your home gym setup can provide numerous benefits and help you achieve your strength training goals — without taking up more space. The sliding lever arms are compatible with many non-B.o.S. racks, offer endless exercise options, and are easy to use. Get yours to take your home gym training to the next level.