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How Do Combo Racks Work?

How Do Combo Racks Work

The combo rack is often considered the multi-tool of the fitness equipment world—compact, versatile, and brimming with possibilities.

If you've ever marveled at these 2-in-1 contraptions and wondered how they work their magic, you've come to the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll answer the question of how do combo racks work and clear up the confusion of how to adjust the uprights, safeties, bench, and even moving the entire unit.

So, strap on your gym shoes, and let's dive right in! Here’s a walkthrough of how a combo rack works.

Upright Adjustments

The adjustable uprights of a Combo Rack are its mighty pillars, capable of transforming the rack to suit your unique needs.

Up & Down

  • To alter the height of the uprights, use the levers to lift them by the side pins
  • Slide the uprights up or down to your desired level of height
  • Set the pins in the desired upright hole to secure them in their new position


  • Loosen the bottom bolts to allow the uprights to lean inwards
  • Gently bring the uprights closer together
  • Tighten those bolts again to solidify the angle

Safety Adjustments

The safeties of the Combo Rack are your loyal guardians, protecting you during your most challenging lifts. Here's how to make them work in your favor:

Up and Down

  • Locate the side pins that hold the safeties in place
  • Remove them to release the safeties
  • Lift the safeties up or down to your desired height
  • Reinsert the pins to lock them in at the spot you want

Bench Removal

The removal of the bench is the hidden gem of the Combo Rack, allowing you to squat without obstruction. Here's how to make it vanish when you don't need it:

  • Find the pins that hold the bench in place
  • Remove/disengage them to free the bench
  • Lift up the bench safely to slide it out
  • With the bench removed, you'll have plenty of space for your squats

Combo Racks, despite their formidable appearance, can be surprisingly mobile when the need arises. Here's how to move one on your own

  • Remove the bench from the combo rack
  • Step inside the footprint and stand between the uprights
  • Bend your knees slightly and then grab the fixed parts of the uprights with straight arms
  • Stand tall to lift the entire unit 1-2 inches off the ground
  • Shuffle your feet slowly to move them to the new location
  • Set it on the ground when it’s in the desired spot

You've now unveiled the secrets to adjusting the uprights, safeties, bench, and even moving the entire unit.

With this newfound knowledge, you'll wield the power to customize your workouts, ensuring each session is tailored to your preferences and goals. So, embrace the versatility of the Combo Rack and embark on your fitness journey with confidence!