February 2024 Home Gym of the Month

February 2024 Home Gym of the Month

The winner for February 2024 is Bobby Bonner from Toronto, ON, Canada.

IG: @bbonner1985

Why did you start your own home gym?

I started a home gym around 10 years ago because I found commercial gyms weren’t powerlifter-friendly. The equipment wasn’t the quality I wanted and I wasn’t really into the atmosphere.

feb 2024 home gym of the month

What are your current fitness goals?

My fitness goals are to continue building my big 3 lifts and hopefully return to competing next year.

What program are you following?

Currently, I am following the Wendler 5/3/1 program.

What BoS equipment do you own?

feb 2024 gym of the month equipment

I have the Bells of Steel HYDRA rack with the Lat Pulldown Attachment, Y-dip bar, Seal row pad, Lever Arms, Roller J-cups, fabric safeties, Bells of Steel Buffalo bar, and the Deadlift Pads.

I love them! I’ve been powerlifting for around 15 years and they are some of the best I’ve used.

What's next on your list?

Next on my wish list is a better bench.

What is your favourite Fitness hack?

My favourite fitness hack is setting the fabric safeties high and using them to support the bar for static good mornings.

Also, using the Seal row pad for chest-supported barbell rows.

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