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February 2022 Home Gym of the Month

February 2022 garage home gym ideas

Check out Garrett LeRoy @leroy316 from IG's home gym ideas!

So this garage gym is actually at my friend's house. We have been accumulating stuff for a couple years now. We started our gym because we wanted our own equipment.

We both compete in powerlifting and strongman, so our goals are to get better at powerlifting and strongman. We both do strength-building programs.

There’s lots of BOS stuff here. Power Rack with mono lift attachments Y-Dip bar rack attachment High and low pulley system attachment Strongman Yoke Incline bench Flat bench 16 of your 45 lb weight plates Set of bumper plates Deadlift pads

The money from the coupon will go towards getting a new hex bar.

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