Does Trap Bar Deadlift Work Hamstrings?

Does Trap Bar Deadlift Work Hamstrings

If you've been hitting the weights and looking to build a powerful posterior chain, you may have come across the trap bar deadlift.

But does this exercise really target your hamstrings? Well, my iron-clad friends, the answer is a resounding YES!

Let me break it down for you and unveil the mighty might of the trap bar deadlift when it comes to hammering those hamstrings into shape. When you strap yourself into that beastly trap bar and execute a perfect deadlift, you're engaging in knee and hip extension on the upward phase.

Now, why is this relevant to our beloved hamstrings? Simple — the hamstrings cross both the knee and the hip joints. So, it's only natural that when you stand tall during each rep of your trap bar deadlifts, those hammies are going to get some serious action.

Whether you like it or not, part of your hamstrings are going to get worked no matter what. You can't escape it, folks! Don't just take my word for it; let's turn to the science that supports the undeniable hammy benefits of the trap bar.

In a study conducted by Camara et al (2016), they found that during the concentric phase of a 1-rep max effort, the biceps femoris (one of the illustrious muscles in the hamstrings crew) was activated to a staggering 72.3% of EMG. That's no small feat, my friends.

And if that wasn't enough to convince you, another study by Andresen et al (2018) revealed that trap bar deadlifts hit the biceps femoris with an activation level of approximately 83% MVIC (maximum voluntary isometric capacity).

The numbers don't lie. The trap bar deadlift is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to targeting your hamstrings.Now, brace yourselves for an even more hamstring-centric revelation.

While the standard trap bar deadlift is a true hamstring stimulator, there are a few tweaks you can make to your technique to give those hamstrings an even harder punch.

For those who crave an extra hamstring challenge, the Stiff Leg Trap Bar Deadlift or Romanian Trap Bar Deadlift are your go-to variations.

These variations force increased hip extension, demanding more straightening action to stand up. And guess what? That means your hamstrings have to work overtime to get the job done. Prepare for some next-level hammie gains!To wrap it all up in a tidy barbell-shaped package, it's crystal clear that trap bar deadlifts are a surefire way to give your hamstrings the attention they deserve.

The knee and hip extension required in this powerful movement inherently engage those hamstrings. But if you want to take your hammie development to new heights, experiment with variations like the Stiff Leg or Romanian Trap Bar Deadlift.

So, my iron-clad comrades, load up that trap bar, unleash your inner beast, and watch as your hamstrings sculpt themselves into powerful pillars of strength — the trap bar deadlift reigns supreme in the realm of hamstring gains!