Does a Slam Ball Bounce?

Does a Slam Ball Bounce?

When you think about bouncing balls, your mind probably shoots to basketballs or tennis balls zipping around the court.

But if you’re eyeing the slam ball, and want to avoid a broken nose or unintended dental work, then knowing if a slam ball bounces back is essential.

Does a Slam Ball Bounce?

Let’s set the record straight: No, a slam ball doesn't bounce.

Wondering why? Buckle up; we're about to dive deep into the world of these gravity-loving spheres!

Why a Slam Ball Doesn’t Bounce

Unlike a traditional medicine ball, slam balls are designed for impact, not rebound, and they don’t bounce for three reasons.

1. Inner Sand Material

At their core, these tough cookies typically have a hefty dose of weighted sand. This isn't your average beach sand, either. It’s heavy-duty, and its primary job is to absorb energy rather than reflect it.

2. Filled With Air

Wrapped around this gritty core is a layer of air, and it’s there to soften the impact for the ball (and somewhat for your floor).

3. Soft Outer Shell

The outer shell is usually made of a thick but pliable rubber that can handle hit after hit without sending the ball skyrocketing back at you.

This means that when you throw down a slam ball, the sand inside shifts, effectively absorbing the energy of the drop. This shift prevents bouncing back and ensures the slam ball stays where it lands.

Slam Ball Versus Medicine Ball

Now you know that slam balls are all about the no-bounce life, how do you tell them apart from their bouncier gym pals, the medicine ball and the wall ball?

Here's a quick guide:

  • Slam Ball: As we've detailed, these are the tough guys. They are heavy, with no bounce, and usually have a rough texture to ensure a good grip.
  • Medicine Ball: These balls do bounce, but not as enthusiastically as a basketball. Medicine balls are generally firmer and more compact than slam balls and are used for a wide range of throwing and catching exercises.
  • Wall Ball: These are the middle ground of bounce, designed for high-velocity impact against hard surfaces – like, you guessed it, walls. Wall-balls bounce back a bit, but not as much as a medicine ball.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to amp up your fitness routine with hardcore throws or add gravity-bound variety to your workout arsenal, the slam ball is your go-to for that satisfying slam sans rebound. So give it your all, and let the slam ball take the fall!

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