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Can A Medicine Ball Be Used As A Slam Ball?

Can A Medicine Ball Be Used As A Slam Ball?

Can a medicine ball be used as a slam ball?

Before you take that medicine ball and start tossing it to the floor with all your might, let’s pump the brakes so you can avoid a potential broken nose.

Can A Medicine Ball Be Used As A Slam Ball?

Whether you can safely use a medicine ball as a slam ball depends on the type of medicine ball you’re using.

Traditional Medicine Ball: No Way

Now, you might be thinking, "But can I just use my hard-shelled medicine ball as a slam ball?"

Hold onto your weights, because here’s the scoop: A traditional medicine ball with a hard outer shell should NOT be used as a slam ball.

This is not just a gentle suggestion—it’s a must-follow rule unless you want your gym session to end with a blowout, literally.

Medicine balls can burst, split, or at the very least, scuff up your floors when slammed, since they aren’t designed to handle that kind of abuse. Worst case, the rebound is so forceful it could break your nose.

Wall-Ball: Yes, But Be Careful

Caught in the middle of this ball game is the wall-ball (also called “triple stitched medicine balls”), which can be used for med ball slams but comes with a bouncy caveat.

They're softer than a traditional medicine ball, so they absorb some impact. But beware, these guys will bounce back at you. If you decide to go this route, brace yourself for a medium amount of bounce!

Slam Ball: Yes, Absolutely

So, what's the best play for your floor, equipment, and face? Stick with a slam ball.

These balls are the MVPs of durability and safety for slam exercises. They're specifically designed to be hurled to the ground repeatedly without turning your workout into a demolition derby.

With a slam ball, you can throw down with vigor and not worry about unintended bounce-backs or equipment damage.

Final Thoughts

To wrap this up, while it might be tempting to use a medicine ball for every exercise in the gym, it’s crucial to choose the right equipment for slams.

Remember, not all balls are created for the same purpose. Stick to a slam ball for those explosive moves and keep your medicine balls for what they do best—less dramatic yet effective exercises.

And there you have it! I hope this clears up any confusion and helps keep your workouts safe and effective.

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