Cable Tower with Weight Stack Quick Overview


Are you rethinking your options as you design the dream home gym and wondering if a cable pulley machine is an excellent addition?

Yes. Yes, you do!

With a functional cable pulley machine, you can fully maximize your fitness gainz while working out in your home gym. It’s beneficial for individuals of all fitness levels, from serious weightlifters to beginners and recreational athletes.

Let's be honest...cable pulley machines make you feel like your home gym is complete, but they can have a pretty big footprint - like our Functional Trainer.

But don't fret! We have an alternative solution that will allow you to reap the benefits of a cable pulley machine without breaking the bank and taking up too much room in your home gym!

This article will give you a quick overview of the Bells of Steel Cable Tower With Weight Stack. We'll run down its features and discuss how this brand-new awesome cable pulley station can help you optimize your gainz.

The Cable Tower With Weight Stack is an excellent choice for small home gyms as the adjustable pulley offers a wide range of motion and a variety of workout alternatives. The offered resistance is frequently higher (and takes up less room) than a large dumbbell and weight plate combination.

As the name implies, it is very much a tower as it stands at a total height of 80.9". The spatial footprint is 25.1" in length and 28.5" in width, so that it may easily fit into your training area or home gym. It's a multi-tool of gym equipment with sleek aluminum pulley systems and quality cables that will stand the test of time.

It has a high-load limit of 210 lb. weight stack and 33 height adjustments for the pulleys (or rack attachments), making it super easy to adjust with the quick-release pin and will let you execute a myriad of workouts.

Regarding what the Cable Tower offers, its whole length may be modified along the different column points for various activities. Each handle includes five rings that allow you to adjust the length. If you need to be near the pulleys or require more space from the machine, just attach the carabiner to a ring of the length you need.

You can set up the Cable Tower in a single or dual cable system. It features universal slot brackets at the top and bottom, and it's long enough to accommodate the hole spacing of most power racks that are at least 76′′ tall, thanks to the 5.75′′ open hole in the centre.

You can also add different Bells of Steel attachments that allow you to use them for various exercises and be more versatile in your program.Several workouts may be performed with a cable pulley system. Some are comparable to free-weight movements, while others are unique to cable machines.

Whether you're a newbie, a seasoned lifter focusing on isolation, or simply looking to save a couple of minutes in your workout but have limited space, then this gym equipment is for you!