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The 8 Best Home Gym Cable Pull Back Exercises

The 8 Best Home Gym Cable Pull Back Exercises

So, you've set up your home gym, and now you're eyeing that cable machine, wondering, "What's the secret recipe for a killer back?"

Fear not, because we're about to unlock the treasure chest of the best cable pull back exercises that will transform your back into a work of art.

1. High Cable Face Pulls

Take your face pulls to new heights. Literally. This variation hits your upper traps and rear delts with a different intensity.

How to:

  • Set the cable machine at face level.
  • Use a rope attachment.
  • Pull the rope towards your face, aiming slightly upward.
  • Channel your inner superhero as those upper traps engage.

2. Wide Grip Straight Arm Pulldowns

Widen the grip, broaden the results. This variation targets your lats from a different angle, giving you that 3D back effect.

How to:

  • Attach a straight bar to the high cable.
  • Grab it with hands wider than shoulder-width.
  • Keep those arms straight as you pull the bar down.
  • Feel the stretch and squeeze at the bottom.

3. Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns

Time to switch things up. Reverse grip lat pulldowns (also known as supinated grip lat pulldowns) focus on the lower lats and give your biceps a taste of the action.

How to:

  • Use a reverse grip on the wide bar attachment.
  • Pull the bar down to your chest.
  • Emphasize the squeeze in your lower lats.
  • Enjoy the bonus bicep activation.

4. Single-Arm Face Pulls

Isolation at its finest. This exercise hits the upper back and rear delts with surgical precision.

How to:

  • Set the cable at head height.
  • Grab the handle with one hand.
  • Pull towards your head, keeping the elbow high.
  • Feel the squeeze between your shoulder blades.

5. Bent Over Cable Rows

Embrace the power of the row. This variation mimics a barbell bent-over row but adds constant tension for that extra burn.

How to:

  • Set the cable at the lowest point.
  • Grab the handle with both hands.
  • Hinge at your hips, keeping a flat back.
  • Row the cable towards your lower chest.

6. Face Pulls with External Rotation

Upgrade your face pulls by adding an external rotation. This targets your rotator cuffs and improves shoulder health.

How to:

  • Use a dual rope attachment at head height.
  • Pull toward your face, then externally rotate your shoulders.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Say hello to bulletproof shoulders.

7. Wide Grip Cable Rows

Widen the grip, widen the back. This exercise emphasizes the outer edges of your lats, creating that impressive V-taper.

How to:

  • Use a wide grip handle.
  • Sit facing the cable machine with the cable at the lowest setting.
  • Pull the handle towards your midsection, keeping your chest up.
  • Imagine spreading your lats wide.

8. Cable Shrugs

Give your traps some extra love. Cable shrugs maintain constant tension, ensuring those traps grow like never before.

How to:

  • Use a straight bar attachment with the cable at the lowest setting.
  • Stand tall with a slight bend in your knees.
  • Shrug your shoulders straight up.
  • Squeeze, then lower with control.

Now that we've expanded your exercise repertoire, let's talk cable machines for home gyms. Choosing a cable machine for your home gym is like choosing the right protein shake—essential for gains.

    • Durability: Look for a machine that can withstand your gains journey. It's a marathon, not a sprint.
    • Smooth Pulley System: Jerky movements are for dance floors, not cable machines. Ensure a smooth pulley system for uninterrupted gains.
    • Adjustability: Your machine should grow with you. Opt for one with adjustable heights and angles for endless possibilities.
    • Space-Efficiency: Look for a compact model that fits your space. Or go big if you have the breathing room.

Q: How long should my cable back workout be?

A: Aim for 45 minutes to an hour. Quality over quantity, my friend.

Q: Can I mix cable and free weight back exercises?

A: Absolutely! The fusion of cables and free weights creates a symphony of gains.

Q: Should I do cardio before or after my cable back workout?

A: Keep cardio for post-workout. You want all your energy for those cable masterpieces.

Q: Can I do cable exercises every day?

A: Not recommended. Give those muscles time to recover, and they'll thank you with gains.

With these additional cable pull back exercises, your home gym is now a haven for back gains. Choose your cable machine wisely, mix and match these exercises, and get ready to unveil a back that'll have everyone asking for your secret.