The Ultimate Strongman Companion: Berserker Press Overview

The Ultimate Strongman Companion: Berserker Press Overview

Are you tired of traditional training tools that fail to satisfy your inner warrior?

Are you looking for ways to boost the intensity and versatility of your strongman training?

Then say goodbye to mediocrity and brace yourself for a training tool like no other, one designed to take your strongman and strongwoman game to new heights: the Berserker Press! 💪

In this blog post, we'll walk you through the features and overview of the Berserker Press and unlock exciting possibilities that you can do with it.

Let's get started! The Berserker Press was designed to offer a multifunctional, space-efficient solution for the strong(wo)man community to use in their home or garage gyms. It's a versatile piece of equipment that combines three challenging exercises — the Viking Press, Rickshaw, and Car Deadlift into one. Four if you count trap bar deadlifts!

This awesome equipment isn't your average run-of-the-mill press. Oh no, my friend. It's so much more! 😁

The Berserker Press measures 32.7 inches long, the outer frame width is a solid 36.6 inches and the inner width is 33.5 inches. This minimalist footprint gives you plenty of room to work your magic. Weighing 52.9 lbs with a weight capacity of 500 lbs, this mean machine is built to withstand the mightiest of lifts. It isn't just limited to being an attachment; it can stand tall on its own too.

The open frame design features dual handles that measure 1.25 inches. It has fixed outer handles and rotating inner handles that will allow you to target different muscle groups and superior grip control and stability. Even with asymmetrical loads, you can adjust your hand positioning to find the perfect balance.

And here's the icing on the cake: it works with Olympic barbells too. It easily attaches to your barbell sleeve using a snug and reliable mounting system. That's right - load it up with weight plates and let loose. 💪

Here's how the Berserker Press can enhance your strong(wo)man training as a standalone piece of equipment and barbell attachment. The Berserker Press may appear unbalanced at first glance, due to the Viking press attachment at the back. But all it takes to achieve perfect balance is a slight change in hand position.

You can enjoy a seamless open trap bar deadlift experience by grabbing the handles further back rather than centering your grip, which levels out the press. You can also take a walk for a rickshaw or farmer's carry exercise, providing a unique and challenging workout.

Attaching the Berserker Press to your barbell is simple. Tuck one end of your barbell into a landmine. Slide the other end of the barbell into the holder and tighten the knob to get started.

The Berserker Press can handle any load, whether you're aiming for a difficult car deadlift or a Viking press. You can add weights to the back and sides without worrying, confidently push your limits, and maximize your gainz thanks to its solid design.

You can use either the static outer handles or the inner rotating handles to perform simulated car deadlifts, depending on what positioning works for you. The inner rotating handles are a LIFESAVER for the Viking Press, as you can deadlift the Berserker Press and smoothly transition into an overhead press position. No more awkward cleaning motions or fumbling to get into a front rack position. Your shoulders (and your stress levels) will thank you.

In summary, the Bells of Steel Berserker Press is an exceptional piece of equipment that offers a wide range of functionalities.

Its innovative design focuses on the strongman and strongwoman community, which will allow you to perform car deadlifts, Viking presses, open trap bar deadlifts, and Rickshaw carries. The solid construction ensures that heavy loads can be handled without compromising durability.

With the Berserker Press, your strong(wo)man workouts will never be the same.