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August 2022 Home Gym of the Month

August 2022 Home Gym of the Month 1

Luis Anthony Acevedo

IG: @aacevedo.do

We've always wanted a home gym. As soon as we found out we were pregnant with the little guy in the first pic we filled the cart and pulled the trigger. It's been the best decision for our physical and mental health especially with a newborn!

I'm currently in medical school, so my main goal is to not get weaker lol. But I'd like to continue competing in powerlifting during my medical training. Barbell Medicine Low-Fatigue Program

Looking at those new B.o.S. Cable Towers. 🤤 Oatmeal + whey protein has changed the breakfast game for me. Feeling full and having energy is crucial when you're running around a hospital all day.

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