The Arnold Sports Festival 2023: Event Recap

Arnold sports festival 2023 team

Is there anything better than a quick getaway to Columbus, Ohio, in early March? 🤔 Ok, for most people, lots of things probably make the list, but for our fellow workout warriors, flex friends, and iron inclined, that's a resounding NO! Because while our biceps are big, our brains are bigger, and we know that's where we can find The Arnolds. Read on for a complete Arnold Sports Festival 2023 recap of some of our favorite highlights and a sneak peek of what we're planning for The Arnold Sports Festival 2024!

Last year, we promised we'd come back bigger and better than before. Mission accomplished! This year, we had a multi-booth spread with separate sections for equipment and merch so people could flow through and get their hands on the goods.

Once again, the goal was to create a home gym feel... you know, if thousands of people were traipsing through your home gym and it was a million degrees. Remind us to bring fans next year. 🥵

We brought some favorites along for the journey (why do you guys like heavy, difficult-to-move things so much? I guess that's the point.), including the Hydra Power Rack and the Belt Squat Machine. We took this opportunity to showcase some of our soft goods and apparel, like Knee Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, buttery soft Bamboo Workout Shirts, and Bell Guards (a must for kettlebell kings and queens).

The Deadlift Pads were also a hit, especially when Zack Telander was showing off his mad snatch skills. 🏋 Everyone loved stopping by to see the influencers. In addition to Zack, we caught up with Bald Omni Man, Alex Leonidas, and Gluck, of course.

And while seeing all of our inspiring influencers interact with Bells gear in real-time, the real highlight was people like you. Last year, we had a lot of booth visitors asking about Bells of Steel: who we are and what we do. This year, we had lots of people coming up to the booth, not only aware of B.o.S. but eager to see us and try out our gear. This experience showcased how far we've come in the past year, and it's thanks to all of you who buy our products and share your experience. Thank you!

Our challenges were a hit again this year. We brought back the Open Trap Bar deadlift contest and EZ Bar bicep curl contest, giving competitors a chance to try out the arm blasters. We also threw in an Arch Nemesis bench press competition, push-up contest, and Globe Bar Pull Up contest with help from B.o.S. athletes Maxime Boudreault and Sam Belliveau.

As promised, we leveled up the giveaway this year with a Hydra Power Rack. Are you jealous? You should be. You should come to the Arnolds next year so you don't have to live with the FOMO anymore. Just sayin'. There's never a dull moment at the Arnold Sports Festival.

The challenge lies in figuring out how to see everything before the weekend ends — especially for our super busy team (who still had time to peek around at other vendors: shout out to Angel Competition Bikinis, MuscleEgg, and Village Hidden in Iron). And while it's impossible to choose favorites, we do have a few events worthy of mention.

The Strongman and Strongwoman competitions are always exciting. This year was particularly meaningful as B.o.S. athlete Sam Belliveau joined the ranks. You may recall from last year that Sam placed first in the U82 Arnold Amateur World Championships. This year, she took her efforts to the next level and competed against the world's elite Strongwomen. She did an amazing job and made the Wheel of Pain look easy (we know it wasn't!) while proudly representing her country and Strongwomen everywhere. 🇨🇦

Medieval Fighting was back again this year, and it never fails to entertain (take that, Maximus). Who doesn't want to start their mornings with a rousing longsword and pole axe battle? 🛡

World Chase Tag had its Arnold debut this year, which is exactly what it sounds like — competitive tag. Think of your childhood playground game if your friends would just dive face-first over hurdles to get you. Participants in this event include Ninja Warrior competitors (B.o.S. Content Director Wayne did not surprise us with another secret ninja display like last year), Parkour experts, and Hollywood stunt performers. 🏃

We can't promise to come back bigger and better next year (what can we say? We rocked it this year!), but we'll definitely have some new, exciting surprises in store. You can expect to see more influencers, new challenges, and the latest and greatest Bells of Steel equipment. (Are we allowed to talk about The Manticore yet? No? Ok.)

We'll also have more of our amazing Bells of Steel crew around to help you try out some gear and map out your home gym setup. We love getting out from behind our remote computer screens to hang out with the team and help you get the best bang-for-your-buck gym equipment.

Stay tuned for updates on where to find us next year. If you're planning your first trip to the Arnolds, check out our Ultimate First-Timer's Guide to the Arnold Classic. Until then, stay strong. 💪