The Arnold Sports Festival 2022: Event Recap

Arnold Sports Festival 2022 - Bells of Steel Team

There's perhaps no event as well-known and hype-worthy as The Arnold Sports Festival. Lovingly known as "The Arnold" among fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike, this event has been a staple in the fitness community for decades.

After two years of trying — seriously, the 2021 event got cancelled as we were getting on the plane — the Bells of Steel team was finally able to set up shop at the Arnold in 2022. Here's a full Arnold Sports Festival 2022 recap with some of the highlights from last year, and a sneak peek of what we have in store for The Arnold Sports Festival 2023!

The Booth

Our booth was a tribute to our beloved home and garage gym community, designed to feel like you're walking into your personal lifting paradise. Lugging the equipment around and setting it up was quite the workout, but it was worth it in the end.

We brought a few of our favourite pieces along for the journey, including our beloved belt squat, Industrial Rackable Hex Bar, EZ curl bar, an adjustable bench, and a power rack. We also had some apparel and easy-to-transport pieces of equipment for sale, like weight plates, the Glute Ham Slider, and Loadable Dumbbells.

It was great interacting with everyone and providing the opportunity to get a hands-on experience with the equipment. We got a lot of great feedback about the quality, and a lot of new customers went home with some great gear. The Barenaked Barbell was a HUGE hit.

The booth was a happening spot at the Arnold Sports Festival 2022. Our Bells of Steel athletes, Maxime Boudreault and Samantha Belliveau, were greeting guests and answering questions when they weren't busy throwing heavy weights around, and Hafþór Björnsson even stopped by to say hi.

The Challenges

The B.o.S. booth hosted a little festival of its own with a few lifting challenges with the crowd, including a bench press AMRAP, EZ bar curl AMRAP, and trap bar deadlift AMRAP.

All the participants were a lot of fun and really brought their A-game, but the highlight was when one of the IFFB Pro Female competitors stopped by and DEMOLISHED the competition on the EZ bar curl contest with over 40 curls. The challenges and giveaways (we gave away a free Belt Squat, guys) were such a hit that we're planning to go even bigger and better in 2023.

Event Highlights

There's truly something for everyone at The Arnold Sports Festival. Athletes from all backgrounds and levels can find something to watch or interact with. There's an undeniable energy at the Arnold that's really positive and contagious. It's worth going to see the athletes perform and channeling your inner fan girl as you see your idols do what they do best. Yet, a few experiences stood out above the rest to our team.

Ninja Course

You may know our Content Director, Wayne, from our YouTube videos. He's a genius with the camera and apparently also a secret ninja. Wayne CRUSHED IT on the MLAB Ohio obstacle course and set the record for the event. Sure, it cost him a shoulder, but we're positive he's just as skilled with the camera if he holds it in his other hand. We hope.

The Slap Contest

Logan Paul's Slap Fighting Championship — which is exactly what it sounds like — caused a bit of a stir at the Arnold Sports Festival 2022. While there's a lot of controversy about whether it counts as a combat sport, it was really entertaining to watch. As of right now, it doesn't appear that slap fighting will reappear at the 2023 Arnold Sports Festival, but the B.o.S. team is grateful for the experience (and the memes).

The Arnold Strongman Classic

B.o.S. athlete Maxime Boudreault competed in the Arnold Strongman Classic 2022, which meant that our team got to peek behind the curtain and see what was going on backstage. Interacting with the athletes and watching them perform incredible feats of strength was awesome.

Our main man Maxime dominated in the Timber Frame Carry and moved that 880lb frame up the 35-foot-long ramp in an unreal 8.41 seconds. We can't wait to see what he pulls off this year at the 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic. B.o.S. athlete Samantha Belliveau took first place in last year's U82 Arnold Amateur World Championships and is coming in hot as a competitor for the 2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic.

What to Look Forward to This Year

This year will be bigger and better for B.o.S., and we can't wait! We're bringing more gear to give away and planning more contests for our visitors. Our President and founder Kaevon will be there answering questions, listening to ideas, and collecting feedback to bring you even more innovative, high-value gym equipment. Come visit us at booths 538, 536 & 534 at The Arnold Sports Festival 2023.

Share your ideas, try out some equipment, and maybe take home a few new furnishings for your home gym. (Seriously... don't make us carry that stuff again). Will this be your first time at the Arnold? Check out our Ultimate First-Timer's Guide to the Arnold Classic.