5 Essentials for Home Gym Bodybuilding

essentials for home gym bodybuilding

Everyone’s home gym is going to look different depending on their space and budget. But there are a few things that are a few essentials for a bodybuilding home gym. Of course, you can train with a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells, but you want to expand your options, right?

Check out our top 5 Bells of Steel products to get you into bodybuilding in your home gym. You can’t beat this pair. Incorporating a blend of training equipment into your arm exercises provides a unique means to spur muscle growth and make tough training fun. This is where the Industrial Rackable EZ Curl Bar and Arm Blaster come in. This is an essential piece in every bodybuilding home gym.

When training alone, you might find yourself tempted to cheat by weightlifting your curls. The Arm Blaster forces you to isolate your biceps, which ensures proper form when you execute your curls. The Industrial Rackable EZ Curl Bar is one of our specialty barbells that allows you to target specific areas of your biceps and triceps. It fits perfectly across the j-cups in your power rack.

You'll never have to worry about straining your wrist or injury. The Buzz Saw Bench is excellent for bodybuilding because it offers so many different angles with its 4 seat settings and 8 back pad positions to choose from. The Buzz Saw Bench pads have a grippy premium vinyl upholstery on the 2.9” thick pad that helps maintain your arch while benching.

The belt squat machine is arguably the most versatile machine for a lifter at any experience level. It can be used for countless belt squat machine exercises. It comes with 12 different height options, band peg attachments, and a heavy-duty belt. The belt squat machine reduces stress on your spine and upper body, allowing you to just train your lower body. Standing tall in the belt squat machine is no problem at all.

The Bells of Steel Functional Trainer adds unmatched flexibility to your home gym. With 16 cable heights, dual 160lb weight stacks, and two handles included, you can add numerous exercises to your routine. It's great for isolation movements or exercises that target a specific muscle, or you can use it to get a full-body workout in at any time.

And that’s it! These are our top 5 essentials for home gym bodybuilding and if you’re someone who’s just setting up a home gym, then it should feel like one when you’re done. Think about what kind of equipment you’ll have, and what would compliment it. Personalization is key and possibly one of the most important factors when it comes to what building a home bodybuilding gym involves.