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3 Types of Bells of Steel J-Cups | What's the difference?


J-Cups are designed to hold your barbell and are adjustable to different heights, depending on your body type and the exercise you’re doing. Having J-cups with your squat and power rack is essential to perform basic movements such as the squat, overhead press, and bench press.

Our Bells of Steel J-Cups come in three different types and they can be used on all new Bells of Steel racks and stands - like the Residential rack, Light Commercial Rack, Folding rack, Utility rack, Yoke, Brute Rack, and squat stands.

Each of our J-cups is designed to fit our racks perfectly with its 2.3” x 2.3″ with 5/8" pin holes which are our standard Bells of Steel upright size. The inner lining of the Bells Of Steel Standard J-cups has UHMW plastic, with a black powder coat on the outside and comes all the way around to protect the rack and bar knurling.

The Standard J-cups will go on both sides of the rack, however, they are designed to be mounted in one direction only. It has a static weight capacity of 350 pounds and a total weight capacity of 700 pounds. The heavy-duty Nylon Sandwich J-cups have a strong nylon interior with a black powder finish on the outside allowing you to rack your weight with peace of mind. These are designed to protect your bar from any nicks, scratches or gouges.

Compared to our standard J-Cups, the Nylon Sandwich J-Cups are warrantied for an additional 180 lbs — for a total capacity of 880lb. Each Sandwich J-Cup has a distinct right or left side, and when installed, they will look symmetrical.

Important note: If you are just setting the bar in the rack, the Nylon Sandwich J-Cups are going to last for a long time. Avoid grinding a power bar or rotating it multiple times as it will cause the J-cups to wear out. The Roller J-Cups are our most premium product. It comes with our Light Commercial and Brute Rack. You can also purchase it separately for your Residential or Utility Rack.

The Roller J-Cups are made of strong nylon and have a black powder finish on the outside.

The idea with Roller J-cups is you can very easily center the bar before each set. One of the most important things when setting up for a lift is being able to position yourself in the same spot every time. Easily slide a loaded barbell side to side as it glides even with a heavy load. J-Cups are the perfect accessory to begin a rep safely. We hope this helps you to understand the different types of Bells of Steel J-cups that you can check on our website when you are building your home gym.

That's all for now on J-cup-type attachments!