Are Medicine Balls and Slam Balls the Same

Are Medicine Balls and Slam Balls the Same

Alright, fellow home gym warriors, let’s talk about two heavy-hitters in the fitness world: medicine balls and slam balls. You’ve probably seen them both around, but are they truly cut from the same cloth? Let’s dive in and separate the wheat from the chaff.

So, picture this: you're in your home gym, ready to break a sweat, and you're faced with a choice. Medicine ball or slam ball? They both look like they mean business, but what sets them apart?

Medicine balls have been around since the days of ancient Greece. These bad boys are versatile, with a soft exterior and varying weights. They're perfect for adding resistance to all sorts of exercises, from squats to Russian twists.


  • Versatile for a range of exercises
  • Soft exterior makes them safer to handle
  • Great for adding resistance without slamming


  • Not built for high-impact exercises like slams

That’s not to say you can’t use them for slam exercises, but they’re not built for that and typically won’t last long.Now, let’s talk about slam balls. Picture a medicine ball’s beefed-up cousin. These babies are designed to take a beating, with a tougher exterior built to withstand some serious slams. They're your go-to for high-intensity, explosive workouts.


  • Built tough for high-impact exercises
  • Perfect for releasing stress and pent-up frustration (we’ve all been there)
  • Can be slammed without fear of damage


  • Not as versatile as medicine balls for certain exercises
  • Hard exterior may make them less forgiving on certain surfaces
  • Suck to get hit with

Now, here's the kicker: using the wrong ball for your workout can spell trouble. Picture this scenario: you grab your trusty medicine ball, thinking it can handle your Hulk-like slams. Next thing you know, you're left with a deflated ball and a bruised ego. Or you get slammed in the face. Either way, not a great time. Ah, the million-dollar question. While both medicine balls and slam balls have their strengths, can you swap them out depending on your mood? The short answer: kinda.

You can use a medicine ball for slam ball exercises if you're careful and don't go full Thor on it. Conversely, you can use a slam ball for exercises typically done with a medicine ball, but it might not be as comfortable due to its tougher exterior and funky inner workings.

Q: Can I use a medicine ball for slams?

A: You can do whatever you want, but proceed with caution. Medicine balls aren't built for the impact that slam balls can handle, so take it easy to avoid damaging your equipment or your surroundings.

Q: Can I use a slam ball for exercises like Russian twists?

A: You can, but it might feel weird or uncomfortable to hold because slam balls tend to be smaller. Or, it might feel better than a med ball for the same reasons. Either way, you can definitely use slam balls for this type of training.

Q: Which one should I buy for my home gym?

A: It depends on your workout style. If you're into explosive, high-intensity exercises, go for a slam ball. If you prefer versatility and a softer touch, opt for a medicine ball.